Book product review – Woody Book Opener

* As a disclaimer, this is a recommendation, not an advert, I have no investment in this item. *

As social media likes to do, I get bombarded by adverts they consider relevant. Some are, and some very much aren’t. In the same way, some aren’t useful in the slightest. Others, however, turn out to be exactly what I need.

The Woody Book Opener showed up several times and I glanced at it but kept scrolling; like all of us do to some degree with adverts. But on one particularly bad pain day, I clicked on the link, and got very excited.

As you can see in this picture, the way the Woody works is by holding the pages open whilst taking the weight off of your thumb. Having conditions that impact my joints, this is a revolution, and has meant that I can read a physical book again without pain, and having to change position every ten seconds, trying to stay comfortable.

The Woody shown here is the traditional version but they also have some fun and quirky designs that are so adorable, I feel like I need them all. Something both cute and practical for my disability needs? Sign. Me. Up. As anyone else who had chronic issues knows, ticking both those boxes is so rare, that it is something to be shouted from the rooftops to make sure that everyone who might possibly need it, knows about it.

It’s worth noting also that for anyone who may have swollen joints, they do a larger size, so even if instability isn’t the problem for you, this product still is.

From a reading perspective, I didn’t find this interfering with anything I was reading, and I deliberately tried it on several different books. The width of the Woody fits beautifully in the gap at the bottom of the page, so it doesn’t cover up words. It holds the pages open without damaging them in any way, and it also didn’t get in the way with any page turning. I tried it in both hands, and almost went out of my way to be awkward with it, but there is actually something hugely satisfying in the rhythm of turning pages with the Woody sliding along with you.

I feel hugely passionate about products that make lives easier as, let’s face it, life can be tricky enough. Anything that improves wellbeing, health or happiness is something to be celebrated, and something so simple, portable and affordable as this really is brilliant.

I’ll also be posting this on my other blog Caffeinated Crafting Cripple so don’t be surprised if you see this twice! On that post I’ll be going more into detail form a disability angle, it’s worth noting.

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