Book Review – “The Keeper Of Lost Things”

The Keeper Of Lost Things is a book that has been praised frequently and confidently since its release, and has led to the author producing two more books since. It’s been popular with all sorts of readers, and seems to be one of those books that overrides general preferences. It was interesting seeing how many different types of people had been drawn to the book, and I have seen the author’s personal story progress in the time since its release.

Ruth Hogan has done a wonderful job of going from one book to three, and onwards. I haven’t read the other two, yet, although I imagine I will at some point.

It was very much an easy read. The type of book that you pick up without issue, and put down with similar mood. Not in a horrible way, but in a way that a book is so smooth that any time away from it does you no harm.

If I am entirely honest, which I always aspire to be, it was a bit too sweet for me. Not that I like miserable, sad, grumpy books, but just that it feels that in a book, if all ends are tied up so neatly in little bows, it sometimes feels too much for everything to be happy and sweet and lovely. With so many pieces to put together in a puzzle, in most books there are pieces missing, and this feels far more natural in a book. There’s no right, or wrong, simply different, and preferences.

The book centres around a massive change in circumstances for one woman, and the consequences of what is both discovered and developed. Above I have said it feels overly sweet but that isn’t to say there is no sadness in it. Grief is a major theme, and the strands of it unrolling to impact on many people is interesting to watch. It is written from numerous perspectives, with various people telling their parts as short burst, but also with two major voices that take their turns, finally entwined at the end, as the sweetness really blasts through.

It was very much A Good Book, but not one I would reread. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something easy to read and smile at, with a few tears interjected.

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