Book review – Beneath The World, A Sea

A few months ago, when I first joined Readers First, the book I had just missed applying for was “Beneath The World, A Sea”. I downloaded the preview and was immediately caught up in what was a truly unique and wonderful idea.

Set in 1990, a policeman is sent by Geneva to investigate an area known as the Zona, a mysterious area that isn’t known about enough. Something previously known as creatures are now regarded as animals, and it is Ben’s job to make sure that the killings stop. But when he arrives, he finds that things aren’t as clear cut as they were made out to be. Duendes have powers that mess with your minds and emotions in ways that can’t be described.

The premise of the book is absolutely fabulous, and the beginning of the book is equally wonderful. I was so excited the read it. I could only imagine it getting better.


From the first half onwards, it went downhill. I was almost as if the author had created too much creativity to work within the grounds of. I do understand that sensation, I’ve done it myself within short stories or creative writing exercises. But to have this happen in the second half of a published book was massively disappointing, especially within a book which had such a promising start.

Dystopian realities are not written often enough, possibly because they are just so hard to cover within the limits and yet expanses of their own realities. They are a genre I am particularly fond of, and this book had so much to give, had the author not become lost in his own net.

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