November Books

Those of you who are on my Twitter, Instagram or personal Facebook (or all three, sorry in that case) will have seen that I finished NaNoWriMo last night, finally tying word 50,000. If you’re interested, it was the name Edward, one of my key characters. I wish it could claim it was something more interesting, but there we go. Edward, for what it’s worth, is a very interesting character!


This issue with writing fifty thousand words in a month is that everything else kind of goes of hold. I’ve done very little crochet, drank too much coffee, not enough gin, and barely read anything. I’ve listened to some of “Once Upon A River”, which has been therapeutic as it is such a soothing read, even if it does throw up multiple emotions. It’s a beautiful book, and I will be sad when it’s finished.

Obviously with Christmas approaching, and with books on my list for Christmas, I’m being cautious about what to buy, but I’ve still mysteriously ended up with some books this November.

  • The Prison Doctor I wrote about this here earlier in the month, you can find my post here but seeing as it was my first November book, it needed to be included!
  • Lincoln In The Bardo I’ve been trying to read this but struggling to get along with it. Maybe now I have more time to focus on reading?
  • 17 Church Row, Gravity Is The Thing, and Haven’t They Grown have all come from the wonderful Readers First this November, thank you again Team Readers First!
  • Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas was obviously a must after how much I both enjoyed and was impacted by “This Is Going To Hurt”.
  • Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst is something I’ve very much wanted to read for a long time. I’m planning to dig into this in the new year as part of a 2020 reading challenge.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo is one of those books that everyone says they are going to read and then don’t. Let’s see if I end up doing exactly that.
  • The Man In The Iron Mask I read this book when I was a child and absolutely adored it, had a moment of nostalgia when shopping for books for my son, and ended up with this on my Kindle. Naturally.
  • The Rules Of Magic I was tempted into this one. Couldn’t help it. It just happened. No big explanation.
  • Anatomy of a Scandal I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and now I’m going to make it happen.
  • Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold I love Margaret Atwood, and I love The Tempest. Looking through this list, I think I’ve been very tempted to buy a lot of books based on my lack of time to read them. No regrets.
  • Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias In A World Designed For Men I already have this as a physical book, but bought it on Audible to help me read it regardless of visual issues. It’s a book that really needs to be read.
  • Anne Boleyn: 500 Years Of Lies I pre-ordered this, and it technically arrives on Sunday which is December 1st, but I’m counting it! I’m a big Tudor history fan, and had one of my obsession phases focused on Anne Boleyn when I was a child. I couldn’t NOT buy this.
  • The Remains of the Day I had this recommended to me, and the beauty of the Kindle sample sucked me in. I can’t wait.
  • No Surrender This book was mentioned on the recent BBC program about novels that have changed the world. I already know this is going to make me cry, and it needs to.

So there we are. Too many books, probably, but I also had an Amazon voucher to spend, and had some great deals on Kindle. I do love physical books but currently my eyes are so bad that I’m relying a lot on my tablet (which is slowly dying, help!), and a lot of these were deals. Some were also charity shop finds! And November isn’t over yet…

I hope maybe this post has given you some ideas of reads you might fancy. Keep reading!

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  1. I read The Remains of the Day years ago and keep meaning to pick up Hag-Seed – I don’t usually like retellings so much, but I did like Anne Tyler’s one and I’ve heard good things of this one. Invisible Women is excellent and I hope that format allows you to access it more easily. I, too, try to limit my book buying from November onwards – especially as I also have my birthday coming in January!


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