Book Review – Gravity Is The Thing

Oh oh oh. If you need a book to pick you up in the early January cold, or a feel good novel whatever the time, or even just a brilliant story, I have the book for you.

Hardback cover

I was lucky to be sent this copy of Gravity Is The Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty via Reader’s First, meaning I had the utter pleasure of reading it before its release date of 2nd January 2020. Published by Allen & Unwin and set in Australia, this really is the perfect book for all occasions.

The protagonist is highly relatable, and the functions of her brain are so accurately representative of average conversations with ourselves, that it is a wonderful pleasure to see shown; sometimes we’re all keen to deny the workings of our brains, and books like Gravity Is The Thing turn around to give that notion a shake. We all talk to ourselves, all our brains wander in different directions, we all replay memories so vividly they could be a film. Even more so the events connected to anything traumatic. I found this element of our lead character so engaging that putting down this book was nearly impossible.

With the weather being cold outside, there was some real relief in curling up with a good book as the rain poured down. This is a comforting read; it challenges your view of yourself, of the world around you, and the way you process your own emotions, and whilst that might not sound automatically like a ‘feel good’ situation, it really is. You come out the other side of this book feeling like a better person than you were prior to beginning it. It takes a very special book to be able to do that, and there is so much beauty in the book when broken down to chapters and as a whole. You can’t help but smile when you reach for it, you want to recommend it to everyone.

And those things, dear readers, are the things that make a book an experience rather than paper and ink.

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