Blog Tour – Cast A Deadly Shadow

If you like atmosphere, this is a must listen for you. Robert Granelli has created a wonderfully dark – and deadly – Mafia crime listen, with characters you’re going to love to love, as well as love to hate.

“Cast A Deadly Shadow” came out almost a week ago now, and I’m sure in that time there have been many excited listeners to follow this Palermo full length novel through its many twists and turns. If you haven’t, well, you are in for a treat; I’m lucky enough to be able to share with you a sample from the manuscript. This certainly doesn’t pull any punches – or rather, it very much does.

The housekeeper had seen Fulgoni drag Sylvia through the front door but had probably thought she was just a terrified hooker he’d picked up. Fulgoni knew that this woman might tell that slimy creep Zola, but he didn’t  care. So what if the Don found out? Farina would have plenty to do when the dust settled on that bank job, if it ever did.
Fulgoni made a point of moving even more heavily than normal on the bare stairs, knowing that Sylvia would be hearing every step he took, waiting tensely for the bedroom door to open.
Fulgoni opened the door slowly and was disappointed it did not creak.  Sylvia was lying on the bed with one arm tied to its metal frame. Fulgoni surveyed her voluptuous figure; she looked like she had been poured into her dress. If it weren’t  for the terror on Sylvia’s face, this could be a scene from a porn flick. Most of Fulgoni’s views about women had come from such films.
He  stood in the doorway patiently until Sylvia turned her tear-streaked face to look at him. She was wearing a blue dress almost the colour of the sky outside, Fulgoni having removed her jacket and taken her handbag before he made her captive in the bedroom.
Fulgoni slowly approached the bed and ran one of his great hands down Sylvia’s body. He could feel her trying to shrink into the mattress. She let out a soft wail as he pressed harder.
‘Don’t hurt me,’ Sylvia gasped. ‘Please don’t hurt me.’
‘You’ve already said that, out on the street.’
‘I don’t understand any of this. Why me? What do you want with me?’
Fulgoni removed his hand. He had never had a lasting relationship with a woman. Not once. All his experiences had been with hookers or junkies, and in Palermo the two usually went together. Sometimes girls had been told to amuse him, ordered up by the Don like pizza.
There had only been one girl that had ever got under his skin, Carina, whom he’d been sweet on as a kid, and fawned over for a long time. Carina had told him, in a final rejection, that he was ugly and stupid, and it had coloured his view of women ever since. Fulgoni was the kind of man who harboured grudges, until they became a permanent nagging part of him, like cancers that never killed, but also never went away.

Roger Granelli, Cast A Deadly Shadow

As this is an Audible production, the intensity of the scripting comes across even more so when listened to. The drama makes your adrenaline pump without you even realising, and you find yourself sat on the edge of your seat as the story progresses, wondering just who, in this Mafia underworld, is going to wind up on top. The sample I’ve shared with you here is from early on in the story; it gets much more brutal, much more dramatic, much more intense.

If you enjoy a dramatic listen, a talented narrator, and clever use of plot devices, you will really want to listen to this Audible Original production.

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