Books To Read In Isolation

Like everyone, my life is being impacted by Covid 19. It’s scary, and I won’t be one of these people to pretend otherwise, saying we need to find the bright side. However, what I will say is that there is no point arguing against how our lives are going to be for the foreseeable future; we may as well accept the safety measures to keep us all as protected as possible, and work out how to use what we’re faced with as facts.

For me as a parent, this involves homeschooling to make sure my son doesn’t fall behind. For me as a book worm, this means planning out what comes next, book by book. And there are certain books that you need to read, in my opinion.

The Book You’ve Always Intended To Read
Be honest, how long has it been on your bookshelf? Weeks? Months? Maybe – be honest, remember – years? However long it has been, now is the time to read it. Make a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine, I’m not judging), curl up, and open the book. Maybe it’s something that a friend bought you and you just haven’t got around to it. Maybe you liked the title or cover in a shop, but have been too busy. Maybe, even, you’ve tried to read it, couldn’t get into it, and gave up. Now is the time!

That Bestseller
You know which one I mean! It’s That Book that you bought because you Should, or the one everyone you knew was reading. The world was raving about it, so you thought you should too. And since then, you haven’t even looked at it. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve avoided looking at it, because it makes you feel guilty to the book and the world that you haven’t read it yet. Time to release that guilt! Read that book. I believe in you!

Your Favourite Book
There is nothing more suitable for a world level pandemic than rereading your favourite book. Right now we all need that next level of comfort, and whilst it’s off limits to go to the local library, home will have to do. Maybe go all out – have a nice hot shower, put on a face mask, and stay in fresh pyjamas for hours as you read. It doesn’t matter what your favourite book is, just as long as it makes you feel better. That said, maybe dystopian isn’t the best way to go…

The 99p Kindle Book
We are all prone to getting sucked into the 99p daily and monthly deals that Kindle send to tease and test us. Goodness know just how many times I’ve told myself to just have a little look…. and before you know it, there’s a field of books. Read one of them! You were happy to spend 99p on it, feed it to your brain. There was obviously something about it that sucked you in when you saw it on offer. Now is its time to shine.

And finally, maybe most importantly,

Any Damn Book You Want
Look, the world is (metaphorically, at least) on fire. It’s all unknown, and scary, and overwhelming. Lose yourself in a book. Retreat to the safety of the pages you know and love. You can’t control so many things right now that for the sake of your mental health, control what you can. Do what makes you happy, read what makes you hopeful, find strength in what you read.

Stay safe.

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