A-Z of Books I’ve Read

I love blogging, and I love reading blogs, but sometimes, it can all get a bit repetitive. Repetitive can be good in small doses, and breaking it up makes all of it so much better. So, here is a list, A to Z, of books I’ve read. Some recently, some a while ago. Some I’ve loved, and others not so much. The intake of books of all kinds is what makes a book lover; you don’t have to love everything you’ve read! But if you can cover all letters of the alphabet, then all the more fun. I’ve also included links for books that I’ve mentioned if they happen to be ones I’ve reviewed here too.

A – Atonement

B – The Beekeeper of Aleepo

C – The Cuckoo’s Calling

D – The Da Vinci Code

E – Everyday Sexism

F – The Familiars

G – A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

H – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I – Ivanhoe

J – Jane Eyre

K – The Keeper of Lost Things

L – The Last Day of A Condemned Man

M – Milk and Honey

N – Nineteen Minutes

O – Oliver Twist

P – Past Mortems

Q – Quidditch Through the Ages

R – The Rules of Seeing

S – The Secret Life of Bees

T – A Thousand Ships

U – Under the Knife

V – Vox

W – With the Fire On High

X –

Y – Yellow Wallpaper

Z –

So it turns, out, as far as I can at all remember, I have never read a book beginning with X or Z. I had plans to last year, when I was completing the A-Z reading challenge for the first year, but never managed to get those books covered! Writing this list out has made me absolutely want to focus on those letters this year if nothing else – there’s always something to be gained for writing posts like these.

What other posts would you like to see covered? Let me know!


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