Book Review – Good Girl, Bad Blood

As soon as I read A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder, the sequal became one of my most anticipated releases of 2020. I fell in love with Pip, and with Ravi, and with everything that came with the town of Little Kilton. Aside, maybe, from the murderous intents of some of its residents.

In AGGGTM, Pip’s main issue is that people simply aren’t listening to her, and she is left to handle it alone, both the mystery, and the reality of investigating it. Because as she found out the hard way, a teenage investigator may be more than capable, but even with all the skill in the world, she can’t dodge the hard hitting, painful, haunting truths that her investigation led to.

So Pip swore she wasn’t going to do it again. Ever. For no one.

But then someone goes missing, someone close to her, someone she can’t say no to helping. And this time everyone is listening.

With her new podcast supporting her search and ever faithful Ravi by her side, Pip is under pressure from all sides – including that of her own mind. The demons she is holding onto are following her around, the guilt from last time is holding her back, and the sensation of responsibility to everyone around her is a physical weight. What Holly Jackson has managed to do so very beautifully here is capture not just the reality of how deep trauma can leave scars, but also entwine that perfectly with the nature of being a teenager; even if they weren’t dealing with life or death, just how many times a day do teenagers feel like they’re at breaking point?

It’s not very often I feel that a second book is better than the first, but in this instance, it’s almost as if AGGGTM was a wonderful epilogue to the action and emotion packed Good Girl, Bad Blood. That’s not to dismiss the first book at all – it’s perfect, and I absolutely loved it. However, Bad Blood goes that step beyond, giving you more history, more secrets, and more opportunities for sequals.

I utterly devoured this book in twenty four hours, but keep wanting more, almost forgetting that I’ve finished the book and that I’ll be reading about Pip and Ravi again momentarily. It’s been an amazing ride reading this book, having me laughing and crying at different points. Once again Holly Jackson deserves endless credit for such a dazzling mystery to unravel. Appealing to so many groups of readers, and honestly better than many ‘adult’ thrillers I’ve read over the years, Good Girl, Bad Blood is the perfect follow up to the number one debut, ready to pull more readers into Pip’s world, and exactly what is needed right now; a book to dig your teeth into, lose yourself completely in, and watch for all those clues.

As normal, I don’t give star ratings, but I easily give this a five. One of my favourite books this year.


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