WWW Wednesday – 6th May 2020

Hello! It’s been a bit of an intense time here lately, hence my unusually quiet self, but all is hopefully coming out of the other side, and I can get back on the ball.

This WWW Wednesday is a bit of an usual one, as I’ve had a few DNF (did not finish, for anyone who was wondering but unsure who to ask, like I was for MONTHS) books. I’ll focus on the last book I did completely finish otherwise we’d be here for a while. So let’s get started

For anyone who hasn’t seen one of these posts before, WWW Wednesday is a lovely, simple idea that asks three questions for fellow bookworms:
– What have you recently finished reading?
– What are you currently reading?
– What will you be reading next?
It’s a wonderful way to get to know other book bloggers via what they are turning the pages of, and I really do love looking through these posts by the bloggers I follow. Note: if I’m not following you yet, let me know in the comments!

What have you recently finished reading?
As I said I’ve had a few DNF lately, but the book I most recently finished was Good Girl, Bad Blood. Obviously I’ve already written about that here, but how can I possibly deny writing about it again? The much anticipated sequal to A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder, this YA mystery is already going down a storm with bloggers. I read the book within 24 hours of getting my hold on it, and now almost (ALMOST, not quite) wish I had delayed reading it so it wasn’t finished already. If you’ve previously been dismissing these books as Young Adult so not worth reading – don’t. The mystery and tension is better than many ‘adult’ books I’ve read. Absolutely fantastic.

What are you currently reading?
I feel a bit caught out by this question due to the recent DNF status, but this morning I started The Glass House by Eve Chase, ready for its publication on the 14th May. So far I am absolutely captivated, and am sneaking moments where I can even if I can only sneak a page or two in. Homeschooling, I must say, is not very productive towards parental reading time. This book has the potential to be the thriller that stays with you long after the book finishes, just as the cover immediately makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Tune in next week for my full review – somehow I don’t think this will end up on my DNF pile!

What are you going to read next?
Recently I answered a post on Twitter about a project with the British Library celebrating women’s fiction through the ages, and because of this exciting happening, I have a copy of The Tree of Heaven by May Sinclair to read. Published in 1917, before women had the right to vote, and in the midst of the first world war, this powerful novel looks at the changing times through Dorothea and her three brothers. Given my passion for women’s literature, and my equal fury for the way women have had to fight to still not be equal today, this book is going to be perfect for getting my bloody pumping with rage, and the beauty of writing.

So that’s where things stand in my little corner of the internet today! Like I’ve said here and before, I genuinely love these posts, I’d love to see yours.


  1. I had no idea what WWW Wednesday was and I’ve seen so many blog post titles today that left me confused. I’m definitely going to join in with this next week!


  2. Love it!!! You’ve got some awesome books on the go/ to read soon, I hope you love The Tree of Heaven, it sounds really great!


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