Blog Tour – Fair Warning

Hello, and welcome to blog tour one of two for today! I’ve been really lucky to have had so many things happening lately, and sharing my thoughts on Fair Warning, the latest thriller by best selling crime writer Michael Connelly. This is a general publicity piece, which I’m so glad to be able to share with you, thanks to Orion Books.

Fair Warning is the newest of Michael Connelly’s books to feature journalist Jack McEvoy, a character that the author brings back to focus on one of the things he finds most important in his writing; integrity and honesty. To quote the author, who was previously a crime reporter for the L.A. Times, his focus is to put, the truth in my novels and research them like a reporter on a story.’

Seen before in The Poet and The Scarecrow, Jack McEvoy is a journalist known in his research roles for never backing down. However this time around, it might be Jack who needs someone who never backs down on his side. After a one night stand a long while ago, he is surprised to find the name of the woman he only met once on the lips of the police, accusing him of her murder.

Jack will be up for a real battle as he treads the thin line between investigator and suspect, in an attempt to clear his name. Because this particular murderer knows his victims almost better than they know themselves, and tracking someone that determined down is going to take something bordering on obsession to crack…

The book is out now in ebook, hardback and Audiobook formats.

Thank you again to Orion for involving me on this tour, and watch out for blog tour number today coming up later.

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