Reading Challenges 2020 – Half Way (ish)

It’s somewhere around the middle of June and I’m somewhere around the middle of my reading challenges. Some I’ve managed to fill in far more than others, but I’m generally happy with where I am at this point in the year. That said, I’ve really struggled with the Decades challenge, which surprised me, as I thought at the beginning that I’d enjoy that one enough for it not to be issue. I’ve been reading so many 2020 published books for book reviews that it’s been a bit of a struggle at times to step back in time book wise. There’s still another six months to go though!

Alphabet Challenge
A – The Animals at Lockwood Manor (review here)
B – Book of Shadows
C – A Court of Thorns and Roses
D – The Donor
E – This Eternity of Masks and Shadows (review here)
F – The Foundling (review here)
G – A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (review here)
H – The Hunger Games (Hunger Games series review here)
K – To Kill A Kingdom
L – The Lost Lights of St Kilda (review here)
M – Mockingjay
O – Other Minds
P – The Penelopaid
Q – The Queen of Hearts (review here)
S – A Skinful of Shadows (review here)
T – The Ten Thousand Doors of January (review here)
W – Working Stiff
Y – The Yellow Wallpaper

With only eight more letters to fill, I think this one is reasonably well covered! I’m hoping to fill in the rest of the letters fairly quickly.
The next one is fairly easy to cover; The Decades Challenge. I’ve only covered 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s so far. Like I said at the beginning, I’m finding this one hardest to do. One of my next books to read is The Bluest Eye, which was published in 1970, so at least I’ll have one more decade covered. If anyone has any suggestions between 1920 and 1990, that would be GREAT in the comments.

2020 Reading Challenge
An unread book from your bookshelf – Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood (review here)
A book from BBC’s ‘books that have shaped our world’ list – The Hunger Games
A children’s book published since adulthood – A Skinful of Shadows
A book you spot a stranger reader –
A Penguin classic –
A prequal or sequal – Good Girl, Bad Blood (review here)
A book with an emotion in the title –
A WW2 tale – The Lost Lights of St Kilda
A story set in or about ancient history – A Thousand Ships (review here)
A supernatural book – A Court of Thorns and Roses
A book about space, fiction or non fiction –
A book connected with music – This Eternity of Masks and Shadows

I’m finding this list reasonably easy to fill in as time goes along. There will be a few books I have to deliberately pick to fit in but most of them are happening naturally.

Lost In A Good Book Challenge
A translated book –
A book written before you were born – The Yellow Wallpaper
A book with a feminist theme – Queenie
A debut novel or book – The Animals at Lockwood Manor
A book from the 2019 bestsellers list –
A book recommended online – A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder
A title with the letter of your first name – This Eternity of Masks and Shadows
A book of poetry or short stories – Milk and Honey
A book with a number in the title – The Ten Thousand Doors of January
A book from your TBR pile –
A book you pick because of the cover – A Skinful of Shadows
A book you were given as a gift – Working Stiff

As with the above list, I feel like this is filling up nicely! I’ve got the empty spaces lined up, I think, although I’m not quite sure what to write from the TBR pile book, because I have a delightfully large TBR pile, several of which I’ve already made my way through. I suppose I’m waiting for… something special.

I’ve read more than the books written here, although that’s a different post, and the books that I’ve read specifically for reviews are a different matter that I keep on a different list.

Well reading back through this, at the half way point, I think this is going fairly well! I’d love to hear any input or comments you have, especially suggestions for the decades challenge. Regardless, I hope it was interesting; it certainly was for me.

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