WWW Wednesday – 17th June 2020

Time for another Wednesday again; I swear I’m only keeping track of the weeks changing via these posts on my WordPress feed these days. But then I guess, not a bad way to watch the days tick by, using books as a method of timekeeping. That sounds absurd but when you hear what I’ve just finished reading, maybe you’ll understand!

With it being June, I’m still in the middle of my readathons, Make Your Myth Taker and and The Olympic Games. When I posted on Monday with my review of Queenie (link here) I mentioned that my TBR list for these challenges has changed slightly to encompass more authors of colour into my lists. I’ve had a bit of a juggle around, and will hopefully manage to cover several black voices by the time I’m done with both, while still not veering off course entirely. Firstly because I still have a schedule to stick to, but also because I think it’s really important that, as a white person, my support for black voices doesn’t just end in June. I’ve spent more than my usual book allowance to do my best with all the extra promoting of POC via Twitter this month, but that power needs to keep going. I’ve got some brilliant reads lined up from some superb authors for the coming months thanks to all of the talk on Twitter, and will continue to do what little I can. (Note: I don’t want a medal for this. I’m partially babbling because I’ve broken the rules, and partially want to encourage other white allies to be just that: allies. Support black artists, amplify black voices. Buy books if you can, retweet and promote where you can’t. Each little rain drop makes up a storm.)

As always, a quick explanation. WWW Wednesday is a very simple concept, and easy to join in with even if this is your first time seeing a post about it. It just asks three questions:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What will you be reading next?

Easy as that! So here we go.

What have you recently finished reading?
After I finished Queenie, I started on the biggest book for my Team Athena choices, which was The Starless Sea. First confession: I found out when I had nearly finished that this wasn’t actually my longest book by word count, and just looked the most intimidating size wise. I probably should have checked the word count first, but there we are.
Second confession: This is the first book by the author I’ve read, and I probably should have read The Night Circus first, to experience the authors style.
Third confession: I. Did. Not. Enjoy. This. Book. I’ll write more about it properly in my review.

What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson. To tick my “involves a school” challenge, this was a book that was recommended to me after I enjoyed Elizabeth Acevedo’s work, and, as I mentioned, I’ve changed some of the titles around for my reading challenges to include more authors of colour. This YA mystery looks at one friend desperately trying to find out what’s happened to another, after she doesn’t turn up at school. I’m absolutely loving what I’ve read of it so far, despite not being that far in. I can’t wait to talk about it properly.

What will you be reading next?
Erm, all the books. I have two books I need to read for review, and several books to still finish up to complete my challenges. Quite how I’m going to manage all that is yet to make sense, but I’ll do my best. One of the books I’ll be reading is The First Lie by A.J. Park, as part of a blog tour for Orion Books. Here’s a little summary for you as a special treat:

When Paul Reeve comes home to find his wife Alice in the bathroom, bloodied and shaking, his survival instinct kicks in.
And Alice never meant to kill the intruder – she was at home, alone, and terrified. She doesn’t deserve to be blamed for it. Covering up the murder as a couple is their only option. But as the crime eats away at them, they soon realise that they can’t trust anyone, even one another…

So, a really wild and wide selection here! It’s been a strange week for books, let’s put it that way.

Thanks for popping by my little corner of the internet this Wednesday, please let me know – anything really! Say hi, comment on my books, let me know if you’ve got a post up today too.


  1. I’m and odd duck and didn’t love Monday’s Not Coming…I’ve never read the starless sea/night circus and never really had any great desire to.


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