Blog Tour – Neon

A detective desperate for revenge.
A hitwoman with one last job.
A killer with both on his list.

Told from multiple perspectives, this character led crime thriller is enough to keep anyone on their toes. GS Locke has crafted a truly individual novel here. People wonder sometimes how books of one genre can remain so varied, and it’s authors like this that ensure they do.

With his wife Polly having fallen victim to the serial killer known as Neon, Detective Matt Jackson finds himself unable to continue living. Finding himself also unable to take his own life, he hires a hitman. Drinking, waiting, he starts going over the evidence one last time. Then, less than an hour before he is due to be killed by his own request, he finds a clue on one of the video tapes. It gives him the flare he needs to stay alive – at least as long as it takes to take down Neon.

When the hitwoman arrives, there’s a scuffle and then in a conversation that must be one of the strangest either of them have ever had, Matt asks her to help him find and kill Neon. To sweeten the deal, having found her chemotherapy tablets in her pocket, he promises to leave her his home and money if she will work with him, and then kill him as originally planned.

Now if that’s not an interesting way to start a novel, nothing is.

Written with defined voices, GS Locke takes us on a journey through the minds of a traumatized police officer, a dying woman, and a murderer, who just wants to play games. The perspectives of these three very different and yet sometimes oddly similar characters wind together in tantalizing chapters, tension growing with each page. It really is one of those ‘edge of your seat’ and ‘just one more chapter’ situations as you work your way through it, suddenly finding your heart beating very fast at 3am because you couldn’t put the book down.

It’s a superb tale full of twists and turns, with the multiple perspectives both helping and hindering your own investigation as you work your way through it, adding even more to the need to keep turning those pages. This uniquely crafted novel sets a standard for engagement in modern crime thrillers, and paves the way for more work from the author to take the shelves by storm.

Thank you to both Orion and GS Locke for this advance copy.

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