Planned August Readathons

Hello! Are you ready for a post with an impossible amount of books listed on it? Excellent, me too.

Readathons happen throughout the year, all run by different people, and some months there are just more than others all rolled in together. August has turned out to be one of these months, meaning that I’ve ended up with not one, not two, but three readathons. With the Magical Readathon now taking place ‘unofficially’, I’ve decided I’ll do that one myself at another time, possibly in October. Because that’s when I thought NEWTS were supposed to be anyway, and if I add another readathon in, I might explode. There’s already no chance of me completing all these books in one month, but all of these particular readathons happen to be based on a points system, and working in teams, so I’m fine with my contribution being whatever it ends up being.

The first one I’m joining in with is Musical Mayhem. This is working like a bingo score sheet, where you’re aiming for at least one line, and any extras equal more points. Obviously a full house is the most points you can get! Working as Team West End or Team Broadway, the points will be added together as we go along. There’s also a discord chat for this readathon, which is a lovely extra touch.

Next is Disneyathon. Now I’m not a particular Disney fan but there are some things I love, and one of them is Hercules. Not only did I have the biggest crush on Meg growing up but the soundtrack is the best of any Disney film, no arguments. So, when I took the quiz and it told me I was Team Herc, it kind of had to happen. This one has four teams, with five challenges each and a special power. You start with one team and then can move around to complete the other teams challenges too if you complete your list.

Finally, there is Tropeical Readathon. This takes the idea of some of the major tropes in reading, and turns them into prompts. Again there are teams (I’m Team Horror / Thriller / Mystery as I’d already read the Team Fantasy book!) which all have a group book, and then two other ‘mandatory’ books. Then there’s thirteen challenges, all of which have two options, helpfully. You get points per book you read, which go towards team points.

Three very different readathons, and a lot of books for me to try and read. I already know I likely won’t complete it all, but who knows – I might just not sleep and get a lot of reading done!

Because of how many books I’m planning on attempting to work my way through I’ve started with one strip of the Musical Mayhem – any extras will be bonus.

A book with a magical object – City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments book one)
A book with a pink cover – The Rearranged Life of Oona Lockhart
Group book – A Curse So Dark and Lonely
A Middle Grade book – Inkheart
A magical realism – The Honey and The Sting

Disneyathon – Team Hercules

Hercules – Read a book with a strong male lead
The Rivers of London

Megera – A damsel in distress who isn’t a damsel in distress
The Mermaid

Hades – A dark fantasy or mystery book
Six of Crows

The Fates – A book with three (or one) witches
The Once and Future Witches

Phil – Read the group book
Strange the Dreamer

The Five Muses also grant you the power to jump to another team without reading the prompts.

Tropeical Readathon – Team Horror / Thriller / Mystery

Group book – Mexican Gothic
Dark secret – A Song of Wrath and Ruin
Disappearance – The Dead Girl Under The Bleachers

Absent parent OR multiple authors
The Sin Eater

Strange names OR begins with your first initial
Throne of Glass

Pandemic OR part of a series
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, book one)

Forbidden romance OR banned book
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous To Know

Dystopia OR book with 500+ pages
The Priory of the Orange Tree

Previous generation OR time travel
The Psychology of Time Travel

Mixed media OR an audiobook
The Rivers of London

Artificial Intelligence OR an ebook
The Once and Future Witches

Amnesia OR a book you forgot about
A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Enemies to friends / lovers OR a previous DNF
A Court of Mist and Fury

“Chosen One” OR a recommended book
Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe

New kid in town OR a genre you don’t usually read
Take A Hint, Dani Brown

Retelling OR a book with TV / movie adaption
The Mermaid

So there we have it! That’s a total of 21 different books, as some cross over – I had to make it vaguely plausible. We’ll see how it goes. I might start a series and get sucked in like last time. Exciting plans! Watch out for updates.


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