Blog Tour – Crime Dot Com

Busy busy this week, and today I’m lucky enough to be able to share an extract with you from the award winning non-fiction revolution that is Crime Dot Com: From Viriuses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global by Geoff White. He’s spent the last decade swimming through cyber space, putting together this astonishing collection, which is especially brutal now, in the wake of another wave of cyber-related news.

Here’s an extract from Chapter Ten: Hack The Vote:

The photos show that the event was attended by several hundred people, compared to the thousands who attended his later rallies. In those early days, many regarded his candidacy as a sideshow and believed he would never make it into the Oval Office. But his campaign not only became one of the most controversial and compelling in modern history; it proved to be the testing ground for a shocking and insidious new form of online propaganda, one that brought to a peak the strategic leaking and media manipulation tactics that had been honed in the cyberattacks of the preceding years.
Even before Trump announced his candidacy, tech security was proving an explosive issue in u.s. politics: Hillary Clinton had been forced to admit that, as Secretary of State under Barack Obama in 2009, she had stored all her work emails on a personal computer server, reportedly in the basement of the family home in Chappaqua, New York state.
It was a decision that turned into a rolling pr disaster, buffeting the veteran Democrat’s slick campaign, particularly when it emerged that a small number of classified messages passed through the non-government system she set up. The more details that came out, the more weight grew behind allegations of a cover-up, dismissed by Clinton but quickly weaponized by her opponents. Trump made hay with the accusation, using it to stoke his argument that Clinton was duplicitous, and part of the ‘swamp’ of Capitol Hill lifers. The controversy became a thorn in the side of Clinton’s camp right up to polling day. The FBI flipflopped over whether to pursue a prosecution until just two days before the election. For a campaign that was meant to run on rails, such last minute headlines were a disaster.

Crime Dot Com was released yesterday, so if you’re looking for a non-fiction revolutionary tale, this book is the one for you.

Thank you to Midas PR for being wonderful to work with as always.

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