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On this lovely Thursday, I’m coming to you with a beautiful review of the fabulous, much needed book, Fashion Conscious. When the lovely Hilary from Egmont approached me about being involved with this blog tour, I was automatically interested. I wrote a piece recently about realistic environmentalism looking at the book The Joyful Environmentalist, and doing more for the world in any way I can is something I feel passionately about.

Fashion Conscious is a book aimed at young adults – and adults – working on education and awareness surrounding all possible issues with clothes. From buying ethically to teaching you how to make repairs on your clothes, the life of a basic t-shirt to how to change up your wardrobe in other ways, this book is such a brilliant addition to the world of non-fiction.

I would hope that I’m already fairly ethical when it comes to clothing, but I still learned so much from this book. One of the only things I would like to add to what this book had to say is that for sustainable tights, the fabulous Snag not only cater from sizes 4-32 UK but also last for SO LONG. I have pairs that are two years old and still going well, which is a huge improvement on the single use tights that the book mentions.

One of the biggest issues this book tackles is the stigma some people feel regarding buying or wearing second hand clothing. By suggesting numerous avenues, such as online auction sites and swapping with friends, this book manages to find a solution to all possible problems. Between flowcharts, bullet points and diagrams, it helps everyone consider the full impact of their actions when it comes to adding to their wardrobe.

It was brilliant to see this book also embracing the fact that some people are forced into fashion choices they wouldn’t always willingly make because of their body shape. The book tackled body positivity in a wonderful way, so that it had tips even for those who might be excluded from certain avenues; it really is a book full of problem solving.

One of the things it mentions is the fact that until a generation ago, all girls were taught basic haberdashery skill in school. While I agree entirely that girls shouldn’t be forced into sewing classes over woodwork, for example, it does mean that those under thirty might not have been taught how to darn or sew on a button or hem clothing. These are basic life skills that everyone should have access to, and it’s wonderful that this book is appearing to fill the void in a much more productive manner than classes from school.

Fashion Conscious is bridging a gap and helping bring a new revolution to clothing for the biggest buyers and discarders of clothes. This book will be one I buy for so many people in my life, and I just know it will make a wave of change.

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