A small health piece

There’s around 450 of you lovely people following me here these days, and so I think I owe you all a bit of an apology and an explanation. I’ve never shyed away from my chronic health concerns, but recently my health has taken a dip, and when you can’t even sit upright, it becomes an issue.

I’m typing this on my phone (hands up if you hate the bloody app!) laying down, with three hot water bottles, cushions everywhere, and a a damn sofa cushion between my legs. My right hip has basically stopped working reliably, and, despite being used to a wobbly spine and dodgy joints, this has thrown me.

What I think is happening is my endometriosis has grown around the area, on the tendons or ligaments, I’m not sure, but what this means is that sitting for even minutes at a time is causing horrific pain. I’m having to keep myself highly medicated and I’ve cried several times. I’m struggling to concentrate when it comes to reading, which is rather problematic when you write about books.

All this is a long winded way of saying I’ve not been the best at keeping my blog updated, and I’m bloody grumpy on top of that. Please bear with me – I’m hoping to be back on form soon.

Erika. X


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