WWW Wednesday – 30th September 2020

It’s a lovely clear Wednesday here, and I’m snuggled with a cup of tea and a cat as I write this on my sofa. My health is still iffy but I’m managing to sit up for short periods of time now, so I’m seeing that as a bit of an improvement while I wait to see the doctor.

Because of my health I haven’t managed to read nearly as much as I did last month, although I have rediscovered how wonderful audiobooks can be! It’s been a while since I listened to one, but I’ve listened to two in the last week, both by the same narrator, and it’s been great.

So, it’s WWW Wednesday again. What I love about this is that I can still join in despite feeling rough, as it’s nice and simple. WWW Wednesday just asks three questions:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

What have you recently finished reading?
The last book I finished was Lies Like Poison. This young adult murder mystery really grabbed my attention, I loved every page. It was so meticulously planned out as a story, and so perfectly balanced with twists and turns. I love a good YA mystery, and this easily goes onto my list of favourites. Published earlier this month, it really is one you won’t want to miss.

What are you currently reading?
It’s obviously a theme at the moment, as I’m listening to another murder mystery. They Wish They Were Us looks at kids who couldn’t be more different to those in Lies Like Poison, but still who have been impacted by the murder of someone they know, this time a classmate. As they enter their last year, Jill starts to get messages claiming that their fellow classmate – and now convicted murderer – is innocent. But if he didn’t kill Shaila, who did? I’m loving it!

What are you planning on reading next?
I’m planning on taking a break from young adult murder mysteries and reading some fantasy next, I think. I’m torn between The Princess Will Save You, and Where Dreams Descend, both of which are recent arrivals on my book shelf. I’ve got a fair amount of books to pick from for my next read, but I’m going to try and stick to my ‘schedule’ and pick up one of these!


  1. I still need to read Where Dreams Descend and The Princess Will Save You! I haven’t heard many reviews about the latter but I’m looking forward to give it a try 🙂 Hope you enjoy them both!


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