NetGalley TBR – 9th October 2020

It’s been a little while since I did a post gathering together my NetGalley list. I have books coming in from various directions, which is LOVELY, and I am forever grateful when an ARC offer lands in my email inbox. Being a book blogger is a wonderful thing to be doing, and just reminds you how grateful to be when it comes to books. But my NetGalley TBR is feeling a little bit like it has a life of its own right now, so it seemed like a good time to share.

Confession: I do have a few books I haven’t managed to get around to reviewing prior to their publication date but I’m covering the books from today onwards.

Kingdom of the Wicked – Kerri Maniscalco – 27th October 2020

The Illustrated Child – Polly Crosby – 29th October 2020

The Betrayals – Bridget Collins – 12th November 2020

The Stitcher and The Mute – D.K. Fields – 12th November 2020

Blood Metal Bone – Lindsay Cummings – 7th January 2021

A Vow So Bold and Deadly SAMPLER – Brigid Kemmerer – 12th January 2021

The Once and Future Queen: Secrets and the Starcrossed – Clara O’Connor – 21st January 2021

A Burning – Megha Majumdar – 21st January 2021

The City Of Tears – Kate Mosse – 21st January 2021

The Shape of Darkness – Laura Purcell – 28th January 2021

Mrs Death Misses Death – Salena Godden – 28th January 2021

Of Wicked Blood – Olivia Wildenstein, Katie Hayoz – 2nd February 2021

Before My Actual Heart Breaks – Tish Delaney – 29th April 2021

Phew! That was exciting and terrifying to type out. To know that I’ve got books all the way around to APRIL next year is a bit intimidating. But I also know I’m game for a challenge and with everything else I’ve got going on, it’s good to know there’s a steady stream of books to fall back on. Balancing pre release books is sometimes a bit tricky as all publishers have different rules about when they like reviews to go up. There’s some books on this list I’m particularly excited about and it’s like a little slice of magic having them in my hands early.

I feel so lucky that book blogging has come into my life, and it took me a while before I felt brave enough to sign up to NetGalley, but it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Well, I hope this list has given you some idea of books to keep an eye on in the upcoming months – I’ll be back with more recommendations sometime soon but for now, check these out!

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  1. I was thinking there ooh lucky there are a lot a few months away there, but I agree, it’s hard to juggle what you can review when etc. I also love the breadth of NG – I have loads of books to read but none of the same ones as you!


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