WWW Wednesday – 11th November 2020

Welcome back for my first WWW Wednesday of November; I had another scheduled post last week, so skipped it. I do always love these posts though; they’re a great way of touching base with followers as well as myself regarding recent reading.

November seems to have sneaked up on us, with a countdown to Christmas suddenly imminent, and even though most of my shopping is finished, I’m still sure there’s things to do and presents to buy – all of which we’ll have to manage with online this year. What a strange Christmas it will be. If you didn’t see my post earlier in the week about book recommendations for Christmas, it’s just a click away!

Once again, WWW Wednesday is about getting to the root of recent reading habits by asking three simple questions:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

I am infamously bad, by my own admission, at answering the last question but this time I actually have an answer, so I’m just going to go ahead and give myself a high five from you all. Thanks.

What have you recently finished reading?
I’ve been lucky this year in that I’ve read some truly splendid books, and the beginning of November is no different from that. Having recently finished These Violent Delights, I just want to go around shouting about what a genius Chloe Gong is. Inspired by Romeo and Juliet but set in 1920s Shanghai, this book will take you in every possible direction and make you feel every possible emotion. I’m not over it. I won’t be for a while. NetGalley approved my request for an ARC after I pre-ordered the hardback, so…. oops?

What are you currently reading?
When this post goes live, I’ll be finishing off the last chapters of a young adult thriller that I’m on a blog tour for tomorrow. I won’t say too much or tomorrow’s post will be pointless, but in this exciting political adventure, the daughter of the newly elected Prime Minister is doing all she can to stop a terrorist plot against her family. It’s a stunner of a book.

What are you planning on reading next?
Next up is The Cousins, the newest mystery from Karen M. McManus. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve loved her previous books, and this one is no exception (yes, okay, I’ve already started it, but it’s next on my list to read PROPERLY). The Write Reads is running a huge blog tour starting in a few days and I’m on the beginning of it. I can’t wait to talk about this book; it’s just what 2020 needs.

There we go! This week was almost TOO straightforward by my usual standards – or maybe I just over complicate things? Either way, three very exciting books. Tune in for my review of These Violent Delights soon, and the blog tours even sooner!


  1. On the bright side, at least the book you bought that NetGalley approved you for was one that you liked. I always plan to buy physical copies of the ARCs that I enjoy and then forget to. And I think we’re all super excited about The Cousins. I know I am!


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