NetGalley TBR – November 2020

Welcome back to another review of my NetGalley TBR. On top of my own personal piles of books spinning out of control, I have the absolute pleasure of reading them from NetGalley too, and, with this year drawing to a close, all but one of my books are early 2021 reads.

The one difficulty with NetGalley is you never know when your requests will be approved. So you can have your numbers fairly under control, and then BOOM, find yourself with a dozen books to read for January. Which, is, of course, exactly what I’ve done.

My last 2020 title is The Cousins by Karen M McManus which is due out on 3rd December, but I’ll be reviewing on 19th November as part of a huge blog tour The Write Reads is in charge of. I mentioned it in my WWW Wednesday post this week, and now that I’ve finished and reviewed Number 10, that’s the read I’ve moved onto. I’m really enjoying it so far, and very excited to share my thoughts next week. However, that leads us onto January.

January 2021
The Ravens – 5th January
The Henna Wars – 7th January
Blood Metal Bone – 7th January
The Girl Who… – 14th January
Love Is For Loser – 21st January
The Burning Girls – 21st January
Secrets of the Starcrossed – 21st January
A Burning – 21st January
The City of the Tears – 21st January
The Shape of Darkness – 28th January
Mrs Deaths Misses Death – 28th January

February 2021
Of Wicked Blood – 2nd February
All Our Hidden Gifts – 4th February
The Absolute Book – 4th February

March 2021
The Library of the Dead – 18th March

April 2021
The Plague Letters – 1st April
Cunning Women – 22nd April
Before My Actual Heart Breaks – 29th April

At least I know what I’ll be reading in December! There’s some really exciting titles on my TBR and I’m looking forward to working my way through them, then reviewing them here.

Have you got any of these ready to read? Or are you looking forward to pre-ordering any of them? Let me know!


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