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Which book are you most excited to read in 2021?
Lots and lots, but the first one that springs to mind is A Court of Silver Flames. I’m a big ACOTAR fan, and am curious as to how this new installment will work, with it focusing on Nesta and Cassian instead of Feyre, which is what we’ve had previously.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Egypt. I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember. I was very young when I took an interest in Egyptology, and it’s never left me. I wanted to study Egyptology, and would have done if I hadn’t become ill. My plan actually was to study in Cairo. I hope one day I just get to go.

Your top three fictional boyfriends / girlfriends?
– Rhysand from ACOTAR
– Bryce from Crescent City
– Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (obviously as an adult!)

Do you have a book related new year’s resolution?
Oooh good question. I don’t do resolutions in a big way, but I do want to work through some of my unread books before I buy any more. I have a few releases coming out in the new year that I’m planning on buying, but aside from those I’m really sure I’ll pick up straight away, I’m probably going to try and wait when it comes to buying them. I’ve got so many books to read.

Your top five books of 2020?
I’m going to cheat and say ‘pass’ to this one because, firstly, I can’t just pick five, and secondly, I have a post coming up about my top books, so to mention it now would ruin that post!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I’d like to be able to fly, but not like Superman. I’d want big, beautiful wings.

If you were to start writing a book today, would you rather write romance, mystery or fantasy?
Today I’m in the mood for mystery. I could see myself sitting down to plan out a good Agatha Christie-style murder mystery right now.

What’s your favourite book quote?
There’s a lot of book quotes that mean a lot to me, but the one that has really got me through this year – between the pandemic, my health, and trauma therapy – is; “Only you can decide what breaks you, Cursebreaker. Only you.” It’s the inspiration behind my tattoo, and I even have a face mask with it on that I wore when getting said tattoo done! I really have clung onto those words during bad days.

Have you met your favourite author?
I’ve met two of my favourite non-fiction (historian) authors, and I’ve got an upcoming interview with one of my favourites. So kind of?

If you could live in a fictional book world, which would you pick?
Of course, my answer is going to be Prythian, the magical world in A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’m assuming with this question that I would be magical too. Maybe that flying really could happen….

What’s your favourite thing about the holiday season?
It might sound like a strange answer to some people, but I love wrapping Christmas presents! Cheesy music on, glass of Snowball or fizz, and wrap up presents. It makes me really excited to see them all unwrapped later on!

My Questions:

  1. If you had to pick one series or author to read on repeat forever, what / who would it be?
  2. What snack or drink do you normally have when you’re reading?
  3. How many books have you read this year approximately?
  4. Do you have any tattoos, book related or not?
  5. If you could have any pet, what would it be?
  6. How many unread books do you think you own?
  7. If you could find out secret information about a fictional world, which would it be?
  8. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
  9. Kiss, Marry, Kill: Captain America, Thor, Iron-Man.
  10. What did you dream of doing when you were little?
  11. Dance in the rain or sunbathe by the pool?

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