Blog Tour – Saving The World by Paola Diana

Recently I’ve reviewed a lot of fiction, but it’s been a while since I’ve focused on non-fiction. So I was really excited to hear from Bei over at Midas PR about a book that was right up my street. Saving The World – Women: The Twenty-First Century’s Factor for Change by Paola Diana has already taken Italy by storm, and is now ready to burst onto the book shelves here in the UK. Here’s the official synopsis:

A passionate call for international gender equality by a leading entrepreneur; this smart, accessible and inspiring book makes the case for why all nations need more women at the top of politics and economics. `The status of women is a global challenge; it touches every human being without exception. How is it possible that countries where women have achieved political, economic and social rights after exhausting struggles remain seemingly indifferent to the egregiousness of other nations where the status of women is still tragic? The time has come to help those left behind.’

Described on the back cover as “a must for all men”, what Paola has created here is a book that is secretly a power vacuum. You can’t help but be sucked up into it, and come out the other side ready to take on the world. And if you went into it already that way? Well, it leaves you a force to be reckoned with.

The book is the ultimate example of “good things coming in small packages”. This short book packs a real punch, even to someone who already considers themselves a feminist. It allows us to reevaluate the word itself, and its place in language, just as we reevaluate our place in the world. Why are we relegated to the bottom? Why are our rights being stripped back even now? Why, in 2020, are countries still proposing – and succeeding – with bills that control women’s bodies, and what they decide to do with them?

A passage from the book that really stood out to me was as follow;
When I hear girls making negative comments about feminism or laughing at it, I would like them to travel through time to see for themselves what it was like to be a woman before the feminist movement came to save us. I wish they could have a taste of life back then in order to understand what we owe to the brave women who defied imprisonment, violence, rape and death for us.
Because that’s where feminism has its roots. That’s what women went through, and are still going through, for their basic human rights. The rights to their bodies, their rights to vote, their rights to drive. We cannot forget that this fight isn’t over. It will never be over until all women are free, and this is a point Paola hammers home.

I’m so grateful for this book coming into my life, and I will be sure to be recommending it to everyone who I think will enjoy it, and more importantly, everyone I think needs to read it. There may be a divide between the two, but that’s the important path to tread.

Thank you to Midas PR and to Paola Diana for writing a book as strong and powerful as any woman.

“There is always light after the dark.”


  1. Wonderful review, you’ve really got the empowering vibes of the book across! I’ve been trying to read more non fiction this year so will have to add this one to my list 📚❤️ X x x

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