WWW Wednesday – 20th January 2021

Welcome back to another WWW Wednesday, for a little blast of reading talk. It’s been a busy time lately, and with my Good Reads target of 100 books for the year, I’m very conscious of not falling behind the schedule that keeps me working towards that. Not in a negative pressure way, but in a positive ‘goal’ focus. It’s one of the few times in my life that I’m on board with goal setting. I gave myself a bit of structure with my January TBR and I’m probably the most stunned of anyone I’m sticking to it.

WWW Wednesday as always is about looking at recent reading habits. It’s a fun little way to track how things have been going reading wise.

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

Let’s dive right in.

What have you recently finished reading?
I’ve spent the last couple of days binge reading Malice by Heather Walter. This absolutely superb book is a sapphic retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with a whole world of magic creation to embrace the story. Honestly I loved every page. I can’t wait to rave about this book in my review. It’s due out in April, and you can find it and Amazon here and Book Depository here.

What are you currently reading?
With Malice finished and a total book hangover in place, I’m digging into City Of Glass. My review of City of Ashes is going up in a week – finally! – and I’m determined to finish the book before the review goes up, just because I need to persuade myself to actually read. That’s the problem with reading such a good book… You crash and burn after!

What are you planning on reading next?
I’m going to focus on reading an ARC next. I’m done with my January blog tours and have a few coming up in February, so it will be one of those. I’ve got a couple to choose from, and being the multiple-book-reader I am, I’ve already started one or two. Or three. I’ve got four tours, so I suppose I’m on my way?!

Well, thanks for stopping by. See you again soon! Another post is going up later today with an extract from a new exciting autobiography.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your last read! I really want to re-read the Mortal Instruments but they are sooo long and soo many. haha. It would probably take me a year!! Happy Reading!


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