The Dark Academia Book Tag

Time for another book tag, and this one might just be the most curious – and most revealing – I’ve encountered. Ellie over at Read To Ramble tagged me this time, and if you haven’t checked her blog out yet, I really recommend you do. Not only is it always bursting full of updates, but she writes in the most lovely and witty way.
The Dark Academia Book Tag was originally posted by CarolynMarieReads and Emmie both on YouTube.

Time for the questions!

Favourite academies or dark book / movie
My immediate answer to this is House of Hollow. The book made it onto my Top 20 of 2020 and is definitely one of the darkest books I’ve ever read. It was absolutely fascinating, totally engrossing, and I really couldn’t put it down. But was also dark as anything, leaving my mouth open with shock at points. It’s due out in April – my early copy came from Hot Key as I’m an Ambassador, thank you! – and my review comes up soon, but in the meantime you can find out more here.

What dead poet would you like to have a drink with?
I really am going to give a potentially dark answer here, and say Sylvia Plath. I’ve always admired her poetry, and I feel like we would actually get on very well. Quite what that says about me, I’m not sure.

What is your favourite painting and / or sculpture?
My favorite paintings are all Ancient Egyptian. The amount of work that went into the tomb paintings, and knowing it was all done by candle light and mirrors just astounds me. There are some stunning pieces, but my favourite of all is the decoration in the tomb of Nefertari, who was the wife of Ramesses The Great.
As for sculpture, I really love ancient Greek sculpture. I saw The Wounded Achilles at the British Museum exhibition of Troy: Myth and Reality and loved that.

What is your favourite architectural marvel?
I visited Rome when I was 10, and we spent the day at the Vatican City. I was absolutely in love and in awe of St Peter’s Basillica, both from the outside and inside. We climbed all the way to the top – I’m an atheist now but at the time was very religious – and looked out all over Rome. It was utterly breathtaking, no matter how brutal the climb was to get up there. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

What Shakespearean play would you like to be the lead in?
Oh it would absolutely have to be A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s been my favourite Shakespeare since I was a child, where I would read my parent’s collection of the plays. I loved the humour of it all that was obvious then and only became funnier the older I got. I was lucky enough to see it performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Globe when I was a teenager, and it was completely magical.

How many languages to you speak and which language would you most like to learn?
My native language is English, and sadly that’s all I’m fluent in these days. I can read heiroglyphics but that’s not really a spoken language any more! I used to be fluent in French and speak a lot of Spanish, but lost those abilities when I became so ill. I do still retain little bits, alongside snippets of Mandarin and Latin. I’d most like to learn Ancient Greek.

What is your favourite quote?
“Only you can decide what breaks you”. It’s not from anything glamours – it’s actually from A Court of Wings and Ruin of all places, but when I read it last year, I felt a real connection to it, and it inspired my book tattoo.

What fictional character’s death is your ideal way to go?
Wow that’s dark, even for me. Is there a character who dies quickly and painlessly in their sleep at the age of 90? If I had to pick, I’d go like Eponine from Les Miserables; defending the person she loved, and being in his arms at the last moments. If we’re talking about fictional deaths, I’d like my death to mean something if it could.

What university / college would you like to attend?
Well because I became ill at 16 I never made it to university, but I was in the process of applying when it all went downhill. My plan was to go to the American University of Cairo and study Egyptology. I already had a letter from a famous Egyptologist saying I could work part time with them while studying. I never got to fulfill that dream, but maybe if I win the lottery I’ll do a distance learning degree through the University of Manchester, as they now do an Egyptology degree that way.

What is your murder weapon or murder method of choice?
I’ve got two answers for this. I’d have a bow and arrow for long distance, as I’m a damn good shot, and I’d have poison if that wasn’t a possibility. I’ve read enough historical fiction, fantasy and crime fiction combined to make me pretty sure I could manage it. My husband better keep an eye on his food….

What mythology would you like to be a part of?
It will come as no surprise for me to say Ancient Egyptian.

If you had a PhD what would you choose to do it in?
Again, no surprise for me to say Egyptology. That was always my plan. Study up to PhD level, specifying in mummification and side stepping into forensic anthropology. I really did have my future all planned out at 16!

Which fictional character would you die for?
Rhysand. He’s been through so much, I would want to make sure his life went on if mine couldn’t. < dramatic music plays >

Quick Fire Questions

Leather or cloth bound books?
Cloth bound

Dogearing or highlighting pages?
Neither, you monsters.

Sculptures or paintings?

Piano or violin?

Film or theater?
Definitely theater

Poetry or prose?

Museums or bookshops?
The bookshop IN the museum…

Smell of books or coffee and tea?

Fountain pen or typewriter?
Fountain pen

New or used books?

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  1. Wow you really did have your whole future planned out. I’m sorry that you never got to live it out – health problems really are more disruptive than some people realise.

    Very interesting tag and it was nice to learn more about you along the way! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really did! I knew from such a young age what I wanted to do, and how I was going to go about it. But sometimes life throws us curveballs. When I’m feeling down about it – and I do sometimes, naturally – I remind myself that I’m infertile now due to my endometriosis, so if life hadn’t changed so dramatically, I probably wouldn’t have had my son when I did, so never would have had children. I’m not a big “things happen for a reason” person, but in this instance, I am.


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