January Wrap Up

I said that this year I was going to remain more focused and stick to my TBR (January TBR here) as planned, more or less. That was one of my big goals for the year, as well as keeping my blog – and ahem, my life – a bit more organised. I’ve kind of achieved that, although I didn’t stick entirely to my TBR, the deviations I made are / were conscious ones, rather than my tendency to go “oh look a new book!” and put down the one I was already half way through. I”m giving myself a pat on the back for what I’ve managed. Please feel free to applaud me here.

Along with my plans to stick do a TBR each month, I’m also going to do one of these wrap ups, which I’ve attempted to do once before, but is rather hard if you give in to the attention span of a knat. But, as I’m pretty much on the ball, I can sum up my month.

In total I read eleven complete books, with two DNF and three half read that I’ll carry over to February. My average rating for the books I finished was four stars, which I can’t complain about! It’s been a pretty good month book wise, and I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on with my February TBR too. The reviews for the books I’ve read will be coming gradually across the coming weeks, but you can see a brief summary below.

January Reads
– eARC – Review here
YA RomCom – 4 stars

The Crooked Mask – ebook / Audio – Review here
YA Thriller / Mystery – 4 stars

Norse Mythology – audio – Review here
Mythology – 4 stars

From Blood and Ash – ebook / audio – Review here
Paranormal / fantasy / romance – 5 stars

The Burning Girls – eARC – Review here
Thriller – 4 stars

Witch – Hardback
Fantasy / historical fiction – 3 stars

Malice – ARC
Fantasy / romance / queer fiction – 5 stars

Written In Bone – Hardback / Audio
Non fiction (forensic anthropology) – 5 stars

Love Is For Losers – eARC
Romance / queer fiction – 4 stars

Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London book two) – Audiobook
Crime fiction / paranormal – 4 stars

City of Glass (Mortal Instruments book three) – Paperback
Fantasy – 4 stars


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