Characters of The Year Tag – 2020 Books Edition

I haven’t done a book tag for a little while, and this short one is a nice was to think back about the characters that help make my favourite books just that in 2020. Thank you to Books Are 42 for the tag. I like the idea of coming back to do this year after year to see how the answers change, I’m making a mental note to think about that in a year’s time!


Favourite Male Character Of The Year
Rhysand. Simple to answer, this one! Rhysand made me really fall in love with him throughout the Court of Thorns and Roses series, but especially in A Court of Mist and Fury, when we see his a huge character development throughout the pages, and learn more about what he went through. I have a huge amount of empathy for him as a person, and watching him battle with his trauma and try to be better than it made me want to sweep him in a hug. Still does. Of all the characters that deserve a happy ever after – Rhysand is the top of every list.

Favourite Female Character Of The Year
This one I found more difficult! I read some brilliant books with some fantastic women in them in 2020. Bryce Quinlan from Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood was the character I eventually settled on, for a whole host of reasons. That book absolutely destroyed me in so many ways, and Bryce was just EVERYTHING I needed in my life. She still is, to be honest.

Most Relatable Character Of The Year
I think I’ll have to go with Daisy Cooper. Daisy Cooper’s Rules For Living both warmed my heart and made me absolutely sob my heart out. It was a beautiful read, and Daisy was a wonderful character, who was full of imperfections and outbursts that were as real as anything.

Couple Of The Year
Sarah J. Maas wins out again here. Rhysand and Feyre easily take this place. I loved them both separately, and combined they bring out the strengths that they both didn’t realise they had. They help each other be strong in so many ways, and they come back from such trauma to find happiness together.

Villain Of The Year
President Coin from The Hunger Games. I talked about her a bit in Characters I Love To Hate, as well as in the book review, because she really did leave a lasting impression on me. President Snow was evil, but Coin was just so, so much worse in so many ways.

Most Disliked Character Of The Year
I considered several people for this prominent position, but in the end there could only one victor, and I chose… Tamlin. I know, I know, and I promise writing about 2021 will contain less ACOTAR references, but seriously – I have a lot of words I could say about this dude, and none of them are complimentary.

Royal Of The Year
I didn’t read many books with royals in last year, but I really enjoyed To Kill A Kingdom (which I haven’t actually yet written a review for and really must). I loved both Prince Elian and Princess Lira, but I think I’ll pick Lira as my royal of the year because of her character development, and all she goes through to make things better for everyone.

Sidekick / Non-Main Character Of The Year
I often love side characters and sidekicks, and 2020 was no different for that. After some serious debating with my 11 year old, I decided on Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments series. I might have read more of the Shadowhunters books in 2021 than in 2020, but Magnus immediately grabbed me, and I absolutely love him, and can’t wait to see more from him as I keep reading.
(Just to clarify, I haven’t let my 11 year old read the Shadowhunters books. We just talk books. Thought I should make that clear.)

Siblings Of The Year
There’s no question over this one. My answer has to be Quinton and Amari Peters from Amari and The Night Brothers. Not only does Quinton entrust Amari with the biggest secret he possibly could, but she goes above and beyond everything in an attempt to save her brother. The love they show for one another is the type of sibling love that people dream about, and I think it says a lot about them as individuals as well as siblings.

Well, there you have it! Hopefully I’ll do this again in a year with different answers, and I’ll be able to compare a year’s worth of reading.


  1. I love this and I have to agree on your favourite male character as well as favourite couple. I also loved Bryce in House of Earth and Blood. Many of my favourite characters are from Sarah J Maas’s books 🙂


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