Trope-ical Readathon TBR

Okay, okay, I know. I’m the queen of putting myself under too much pressure, and I’ve sworn that writing out my monthly TBR would be enough, but last year I enjoyed each of the readathons I did so much, that I’ve decided last minute to jump in on the Trope-ical Readathon. There’s still time for you to join in too! If you haven’t heard of it before, you can find all the information in the link above, but I’ll also be posting the graphic with the categories as well as listing them with my choices below.

I’ve picked Team Mystery / Thriller / Horror. The team book choices are The Obsession and / or Mongrels.
The team tropes are “haunted house trope” and “whodunit trope“.

Here is the graphic with the challenges. I’ll be posting a list of them, along with my choices, underneath.

  • Absent/Dead Parent(s) TropeAlternatively, read a book that has more than one “parent” (i.e. multiple authors).
    Enola Holmes
  • War Setting TropeAlternatively, read a book that you can use as a weapon. I.e. a book that is over 500 pages.
    A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire
  • Small Town Trope. Alternatively, read a book with a small (i.e. one-word) title.
  • Coming-of-Age TropeAlternatively, (re)read a book that shaped who you are as a person/reader.
    A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder
  • Dystopia TropeAlternatively, read a book that someone else has chosen for you.
    Crier’s War
  • Blast from the Past TropeAlternatively, read a book written before the year 2000.
    The Wolf Den
  • Mixed Media Trope Alternatively, listen to an audiobook.
    Foxglove Summer
  • Artificial Intelligence TropeAlternatively, read an ebook.
    The Infinity Files
  • Boarding School TropeAlternatively, read a buddy-read with your friend(s).
    City of Fallen Angels
  • Enemies to Lovers/Enemies to Friends TropeAlternatively, read a book that you previously DNFed. The Dark Tide
  • Multiple POVs Trope. Alternatively, read a book with multiple characters of color.
  • Clockwork Prince
  • The New Kid in Town TropeAlternatively, read a genre you don’t usually read.
    Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry
  • Retelling TropeAlternatively, read a book that has been adapted to a TV show and/or film.
    The Shadow In The Glass

Haunted House Trope: Last One To Die
Whodunit Trope: Truly Devious
Team Book Pick: The Obsession

Point System:
“Since each team will have a different amount of members, scoring will be based off of average points earned. The point breakdown is as follows:

  • Common Challenges: 50 POINTS EACH
  • Team Challenges: 100 POINTS EACH
  • Team Books: 150 POINTS EACH
  • Pages Read: 1 POINT PER PAGE”

I’m not expecting to be able to read every book I’ve listed, or manage all of those PLUS my March TBR, PLUS all of the ARCs I’ve currently got to read too, but I’m going to make the most of the way through it, and enjoy it while I can!



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