The Reread Book Tag

Time for a book tag, as I haven’t done one of these in a while. I saw this tag over at Books Are 42 who is one of my book blogger buddies, and thought I’d tag (ha! puns!) in. I’m a big fan of rereading, and honestly there are some books that I would quite happily just read on a constant loop, at least alongside other books. This tag was created by Brianna’s Books and Randomness.


A childhood favourite you could read 100 times and still love
I’m going to say Heidi. When I was young, we owned a caravan in France, bought with some money left with my grandparents died. We used to travel over several times a year, and although I always took new books with me (in English and in French), my copy of the three Heidi books got read each time. I still own that set.

A book you DNF but would be willing to give a second chance to
Hmm tough one. I’m quite ruthless when it comes to deciding to DNF so deciding to go back to one would be a big decision <dramatic music>. I think I’ll say A Heart So Fierce and Broken. After loving the first book, A Curse So Dark and Lonely, I just couldn’t sink into book two. Maybe I’ll try again, now book three is out.

A newer favourite you would reread
I’ve already read several five star reads this year, so I debated over this one. I think I’m going to say The Gilded Ones because it was an absolute stunner of a book, and I fell head over heels in love with both the characters and the story. I’d also pick From Blood and Ash, and Malice. Ooops, I cheated.

A book you hated and never want to read again
Life of Pi. I tried reading this one a few times and when I eventually finished it, it felt like a book about… nothing. It was just so odd, and a complete waste of valuable reading time, in my very honest opinion.

A classic you read in school but want to try again
I’m going to – hesitantly – say The Lord of the Flies. I say hesitantly because I absolutely bloody hated it, but I wonder if that’s because I was made to analyze it to within an inch of its life. Maybe I’d like it if I was just reading it? Hmm…

An author you would reread anything from
Either Laura Purcell or Ben Aaronovitch. Two very different authors, but two I really love. I’ve read all of Laura Purcell’s books at least once (reviews for The Corset and The Shape of Darkness are up), and I’m making my way through Rivers of London now. Book two, Moon Over Soho and book three, Whispers Under Ground, are both reviewed here too.

A series you want to reread for the fun of it
Anyone who happened to be around my blog for my discovery of A Court of Thorns and Roses will be unsurprised to hear that is my answer. I’ve got a lot to say about the newest addition to the series, A Court of Silver Flames, but for now I’m ignoring that one and enjoying the others.

A book you’ve read but want to listen to the audiobook
I’m a big fan of audiobooks, and absolutely love them, both to read instead of or alongside the physical book. I think I’d like to listen to the audio version of The Song of Achilles. I loved the book, and it was a while ago I read it, so maybe that would be a nice addition to my ever growing Audible library.

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  1. This is such a good idea and got me thinking about my answers. I tried to reread Lord of the Flies last year and couldn’t get past the first chapter. I kind of liked it in high school, but without a grade on the line, it did nothing for me.


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