March Wrap Up

Hello hello, and welcome to my monthly wrap up. You can find my previous wrap ups here from January and February, and see how the year has progressed so far. I was on a bit of a roll this month, and it turned into a busy one! Here’s my original plan for the month, my March TBR, and the books I planned for Trope-ical Readathon, some of which changed across the month, and I’ll do a little wrap up for that at some point too.

Just like everyone else, these last few months have been a rough ride, and having my books to focus on has given me something to keep grounded, especially with my health being a bit all over the place. I’ve always been a big believer in reading helping not only to transport us to other worlds, but to help us stay tethered to the good parts of this world too. With that in mind, I was pleased with how much I managed to escape – and stay rooted – with my reading this March, especially with everything going on in the big wide world right now.

So, no more faffing; onto the books!

March 2021 Reads

Clockwork Prince – Paperback / Audio – Review here
Historical Fantasy – 5 stars

The Infinity Files – Paperback ARC – Review here
Sci-fi – 4 stars

Foxglove Summer – Audio
Paranormal crime fiction – 4 stars

The Furthest Station – Audio
Paranormal crime fiction – 4 stars

Truly Devious – Hardback – Review here
YA Mystery / Thriller – 5 stars

Sweet & Bitter Magic – eARC – Review here
Sapphic fantasy – 4 stars

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire – Audio / eBook
High fantasy – 5 stars

City of Fallen Angels – Paperback – Review here
Urban fantasy – 4 stars

The Vanishing Stair – Hardback
YA Mystery / Thriller – 4 stars

The Hand On The Wall – Hardback
YA Mystery / Thriller – 5 stars

Sadie – Audio / Paperback
YA Thriller / Mystery – 3 stars

What Abigail Did That Summer – Audio
Paranormal Crime Fiction – 4 stars

This Lie Will Kill You – Paperback
YA Thriller / Mystery – 4 stars

Dead In The Water – eBook
Crime Fiction – 4 stars

City of Ghosts – Paperback
Paranormal Fiction – 4 stars

Tunnel of Bones – Paperback
Paranormal Fiction – 4 stars


  1. Looks like a brilliant month! I really loved the Infernal Devices series and read them years ago! So good to see you are enjoying those. Good luck for April!


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