April Wrap Up

Welcome to my April 2021 Wrap Up. It was a slightly slower month reading wise for me because of my health, but I still managed to read a fair selection of books, all of which came together to create an interesting collage of stories. From dark fairy tales to vampires, romance to ghosts, I read a bit of everything. Which, you might know by now, is exactly what I like to be faced with at the end of a month!

I feel a bit fed up with where I’ve ended up if I’m honest as I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to, and, being a natural perfectionist, it’s sometimes hard for me to align my health issues with what I’m realistically able to do, especially when I’ve had months like last month where I was whipping through books at speed, and the comparison between the two just makes me rage inside. I hate being held back by myself, and even though I know there’s nothing to be done, I’m just trying to look positively at the fact that the books I did read, I mostly really loved.

We decided as a team to push back Shadowhunter Saturday (previous posts here, and here) as all three of us were feeling under the weather and struggling with life generally being overwhelming. We’ll still be looking forward to reviewing the book as our little trio early this week.

Mina and the Undead – Paperback – Review here
Paranormal / Urban fantasy – 4 stars

Bridge of Souls – Paperback
Paranormal Fiction – 5 stars

The Hanging Tree – Audio
Paranormal Crime Fiction – 4 stars

Kate In Waiting – Paperback ARC – Review here
YA Contemporary – 3 stars

Shadow and Bone – Paperback
Fantasy – 4 stars

The Prison Healer – Hardback
Fantasy – 5 stars

Among the Beasts and Briars – Hardback
Fairy Tale-Inspired Fantasy – 4 stars

The Crown of Gilded Bones – Audio / Kindle
Fantasy – 5 stars

City of Lost Souls – Paperback
Urban Fantasy – 4 stars


  1. This still looks like a great month to me! You at least got quality if not quantity! I hope you feel better soon x


  2. Sorry about your health, hope it’ll get better soon. I know the feeling of being a perfectionist and how it can mess up one’s mood. Sending lots of love and hugs 🧡


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