WhatEverAThon TBR – June 2021

Okay, okay, okay. I’m the biggest hypocrite out there and always the first to admit it. I’m always keen to get in over my head as we all know, and I am very much aware that I said I wasn’t doing any readathons this year.


Maddie came up with this brilliant, flexible idea for a readathon – Whatever-You-Want-A-Thon – and watching the YouTube video she had put together for it just made me absolutely sure I had to jump in on it. You can find the video here, including how the points work and all the prompts, but if you go to the Twitter account for the readathon you can find the Google sign up files.

Team: Comrades of Chaos

Goal: Eight books


Cover Like A Pride Flag
All Our Hidden Gifts

Reread A Comfort Read
The Once and Future Witches

5 Star Predictions

Author’s Debut
Ace of Spades

Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Strange The Dreamer

Recent Purchase
House of Salt and Sorrows

Indie / Self Publish
Smoke and Summons

POC Representation
This Poison Heart

Poll Choice
A Darker Shade of Magic

Another TBR Game Prompt
I’m a bit stuck for this one, so I’ll come back to it if I can.

Buddy Read
City of Heavenly Fire

Disability / Mental Health Representation

Bookish Creators Fave

Cover With Your Team Colour
The Yearbook

Title Last Letter > Title First Letter
Kind Of Sort Of Fine

So that’s where I’m at! I’ll be tracking my points using the Google forms because my maths is awful, although I might also tell my son it’s bonus homework. I’ll still be pushing on with my June TBR alongside, and, as the rules say you can use prompts multiple times, there might end up being a fair bit of crossover. I’m feeling really excited for this month’s reading, and I stayed up until 11.30pm last night along with some of the others taking part to start at midnight! I love night reading, so it worked out perfectly.

I’ll do a normal June Wrap Up, and a seperate Whatever-A-Thon Wrap Up too. I’m so excited to get started! Wish me luck…


  1. That sounds fun but also complicated! Mind you, I’m doing 20 Books of Summer and not allowing any review books or Anne Tyler re-read project books onto it … or ebooks incl the five NetGalley reads I have that come out in June. So who am I to talk about complicated?!


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