Last 10 Books Tag

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little corner of the internet! Get comfy, pull up a chair, have a mug of tea or coffee (or a G&T if it’s after 5pm) and get ready for another book tag! This time I’m doing the Last 10 Books Tag, and I took the prompts from Stephen Writes, one of the other members of The Write Reads gang.

I do love a good book tag, and the last one I did was the Bookish A-Z Book Tag a few weeks ago, and this one seems particularly fun, although I had to stop and think about some of these answers too hard! I hope you enjoy my answers after I worked so hard. I think I deserve new books, right?

Last Book I Bought

The last physical book I bought was For The Wolf by Hannah Whitten. I already had an e-ARC of this book, but I wanted a physical copy because I started reading it and enjoyed it so much. It’s a beautiful book, and a beautiful cover.
The last ebook I bought was The Kinder Poison, which was a book that was recommended to me by a fellow book blogger. It wasn’t one I’d heard of before, but I do trust recommendations for fellow book lovers and I had some credit on Amazon to use from buying from small businesses.
And the last Audible book I bought was Lost in the Never Woods. Again, this was a recommendation that came from other book bloggers, and I’ve seen it around the internet so much I had to follow it up.

Last Book I Re-Read

This year, the only books I’ve re-read are the From Blood and Ash series. In May, I read both A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (book two) and The Crown of Gilded Bones (book three) again. I finished book three and then read the whole series all over again, because I couldn’t help being so utterly absorbed in the world. I would still be happy to just keep reading these on a cycle quite honestly. I’m clinging to the spoilers being given out on the social media groups ready for the next books!

Last Book I Gave Up On

Ooh this is a tricky one. I very rarely give up on a book, and I don’t want to name titles when I do because it makes me feel guilty. The last one I gave up on was an ARC that I tried to get into but it just wasn’t working for me. I do obviously wish the author all the best as always but I couldn’t enjoy it.

Last Book I Said I Read But I Didn’t

I have never done this! I don’t see the point in doing it, you don’t gain anything from it, and neither does anyone else. I see it as cheating on a test; the only person you’re cheating is yourself.

Last Book I Wrote In The Margins Of

My text books! I’ve used post it notes in other books, but the only books I ever anotated were the ones I had to, and even then it felt unnatural and I’m kind of glad I don’t have to do this again, no matter how much I miss studying.
I’ve used post it notes for various things in books, where I’ve been dividing the book up into reading segments for group reads, and I’ve also used them for quotes that I wanted to keep for blog posts or my reading journal.

Last Book I Had Signed

A friend of mine sent me a copy of Near The Bone by Christina Henry as she’d accidentally ordered two copies! I don’t have many signed books, so I’m very happy to have this one. Over the last two years I’ve also had a few signed book plates because of Covid which I’m keeping safe.

Last Book I Lost

I have absolutely no idea where my copy of Shadow and Bone has gone. I have the second and third in the series on my shelf but the first one could be absolutely anywhere as far as I know! And I have no idea where it’s got to or how it is missing, but it must have disappeared to where all the spare socks and lids for plastic tubs go!

Last Book I Had To Replace

Les Miserables. I previously had a cheap pair of books that made it up as a set, but they were about £3 all together from somewhere like The Works! I now have a lovely clothbound book that I managed to get second hand but in perfect condition, and I’m so pleased I did replace it.

Last Book I Argued Over

Ha! Great question. A Court of Silver Flames. I really, really, really disliked this book. It made me angry on so many levels, especially having loved the rest of the series so much. I seem to be in the minority when it comes to this book as most people have enjoyed it, but I did argue my side with great enthusiasm on a book group!

Last Book You Couldn’t Find

The Gilded Ones. I went to lend it to a friend, and this is another one that seems to have disappeared entirely. Either that or my husband has been tidying up behind me in the most unhelpful – but very kind – way. He likes to keep things in order, including my books.

Right, there we go! Another book tag done and dusted, and feel free to tag yourself in if you want to be included. It’s nice to find another tag I haven’t done, and I hope you’ll enjoy this one yourselves too.


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