Path or Pantheon – July Readathon

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little corner of the internet. Feel free to find a seat amid the piles of books and coffee mugs and notebooks that cover my life and my brain, especially in the middle of making decisions about what books I’m reading! It’s always chaotic, but it’s especially so now.

Today I’m bringing you my chosen reads for the Myth-Take Reads July readathon, Path or Pantheon. I really enjoyed doing last year’s Make Your Myth Taker, and so I was really excited when a new readthon was announced for this year! This year’s is a bit different, in that rather than there being a set of prompts to follow, you can pick which pathway you follow: either a Path, or a Pantheon.

The Path choices were:

  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Underworld
  • War
  • Wisdom

The Pantheon choices:

  • Egyptian
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Norse
  • Yoruba

After a lot of thought, having naturally thinking I would go down the Egyptian route before the prompts appeared, I picked…. Path of Wisdom! However I’ve decided to dedicate my whole July TBR to this, and to do the Egyptian Pantheon as well, because I couldn’t possibly NOT. And I even asked Twitter, so, Twitter made me do it.

So here are the prompts, and my book choices, along with the power that my Path gives me.

Path of Wisdom

Athena: A book set in a city
A Gathering Midnight (Paperback or audio)

Odin: A book with a morally grey character
Fable (or Namesake if I have finished Fable before this is due to start!) (Paperback or eARC)

Thoth: A book about books / authors
Sorcery of Thorns (Paperback or audio)

Omoikane: A thought provoking book
A Universe of Wishes (eARC)

Orumila: Main character follows their destiny
For the Wolf (Paperback)

Power: Use a book you’ve already started

Egyptian Pantheon

Thoth: A book about books / authors
Sorcery of Thorns (Paperback or audio)

Hathor: A book featuring art
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (Hardback)

Montu: A book featuring a battle
The Women of Troy (eARC)

Osiris: A book with a green cover
Curse of the Specter Queen (Hardcover)

Bastest: A book with a young female main character
Eight Pieces of Silva (Paperback)

Power: Use one book for two prompts

So there we have it! I had originally planned on still having a seperate July TBR, but seeing as this might be the only readathon I do properly this year, I’m going to go with it. A few of these are audiobooks already and I might have to switch in a few more if my eyes won’t tolerate working fully during the month, but I’m not going to stress about that right now. This works out as nine different books (with Sorcery of Thorns covering two prompts) which again gives me some wiggle room if I need it for any reason.

Thanks for stopping by, and be back for daily posts again soon.


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