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Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. It’s been a busy time recently with my vision declining, which I know might seem like I’m going on and on about it, but in this instance, I’m mentioning it because it has led to reading some amazing audiobooks!

There can be a bit of an ableist attitude, or at least a dismissive one, towards audiobooks, and I’m one of those who absolutely hates the arguement that audiobooks “aren’t reading properly”, because a book, is a book, is a book. It doesn’t matter how you take it in. Audiobooks allow me to keep reading on bad days, and allow my husband, who is dyslexic, to read too. Sometimes they’re just great to relax with. I’ve often mentioned how good certain narrators have been in audiobooks, but today I’m dedicating a whole post to amazing audiobooks.

Back in May I talked about Audiobooks To Relax With, and now here’s some that are just amazing that need acknowledgment for that fact alone!

Body of Stars
This particularly beautiful book got the full five stars from me. It is a story of sexism, the power of being a woman, and how that can be manipulated even in an alternate world. Powerful, majestic, and an incredible listen, I can’t recommend this one more.
By: Laura Maylene Walter
Narrated by: Erin Spencer
Length: 9 hrs and 55 mins

This recommendation comes to you via my husband, who insisted it was included as it is his favourite audiobook of all time. In his words, “it conveys emotion through well written and powerful words, and is performed by a brilliant narrator”.
By: Stephen King
Narrated by: Craig Wasson
Length: 30 hrs and 38 mins

Ace of Spades
I listened to the audiobook of Ace of Spades because I was desperate to read it and having a rough time with my vision. It was so well performed, full of power and pain, that got across the messages from the author so clearly. It was a book that was easy to get lost in and I it’s another one that’s a five star read from me.
By: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
Narrated by: Tapiwa Mugweni, Jeanette Illidge
Length: 13 hrs and 44 mins

The Box in the Woods (Truly Devious #4)
As a huge fan of the Truly Devious series, I was really excited by the idea of another mystery with Stevie Bell. She really is one of my favourite protagonists, and with the Truly Devious mystery solved, she thinks the summer will be dull and boring away from her friends… Until the opportunity to investigate an unsolved murder at a summer camp presents itself. This was fab, and made me want to listen to all the books via audio, which I may well do when I have more time!
By: Maureen Johnson
Narrated by: Kate Rudd
Length: 9 hrs and 12 mins

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3)
Although this is book three in The Infernal Devices series, it was my favourite. I loved Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince as well, but Clockwork Princess was the best performed and had the best story to tell, and also combined these two factors the best.
By: Cassandra Clare
Narrated by: Daniel Sharman
Length: 16 hrs and 18 mins

Instructions For Dancing
I listened to the audio version of Instructions For Dancing for the blog tour a little while ago, and the performance was astounding. The narrator managed to capture Evie’s personality so well that I was emotional throughout, especially with the end quarter of the book, which had me sobbing. It’s a beautiful book, and so well performed as an audio.
By: Nicola Yoon
Narrated by: Bahni Turpin
Length: 7 hrs and 48 mins

Well there we are! Some absolutely amazing audiobooks. I couldn’t think of any more alliteration! But each of these and those that surround them all come with my highest recommendations. Thanks for stopping by, and please come back for daily blog posts again.


  1. I’m so incredibly picky when it comes to audiobooks and I think I’ve become even more choosy over the last year since I’ve been listening to more and more audiobooks! I haven’t listened to any of these (though I did read Instructions for Dancing and already know I like Bahni Turpin as a narrator), so I’ll have to check some of them out!

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  2. I totally think audiobooks are books and I’m sure my vision will go at some stage bad enough that I’ll need them. Just need to work out a way to not have them lull me to sleep! My husband reads almost exclusively this way and we’ve done some great readalongs, him listening, me reading a physical or e-copy. He loved 11.22.63, too. And thank you for mentioning the narrators, as I know how important that is to audiobook buffs. He’ll certainly read a book he’s iffy about if he knows and likes the narrator!


  3. I love audiobooks so much as they can bring so much life to a book, not to mention they make books more accessible for people. I hate the ableist take that audiobooks aren’t reading – you still have to freaking pay attention to words and comprehend them.

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