Summer Book Tag 2021

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the universe! Today I’m bringing you another book tag, and this time it’s a really exciting one, perfect for the British summer, come rain or shine. I’ve taken these prompts from I’m All Booked Up, because it just seemed like such good fun. Be sure to swing by and check out their blog with that link!

This blog is summer themed, so all the prompts are to do with summery things, and just reading it made me want to put on a bikini, and find a tree to read under while pretending to sunbathe.

1. Iced Drink: A Refreshing Book

For this prompt, I’ve picked Sunkissed which I read for a blog tour earlier on this year. Just the cover of this book, along with the content, makes me think of lakes, and water, and happiness.

2. Cotton Candy: A Book That Was Fluffy and Sweet

I don’t read many sweet and fluffy books if I’m honest – or at least I’m starting to read more of them! – but Kate In Waiting certainly fits the bill. Two best friends falling in love with the same guy? Drama for sure, but also so sweet I almost lost a tooth!

3. Sunglasses: A Dark Book

Ace of Spades is absolutely the darkest book I’ve ever read. It starts off feeling like your average high school set up, but things slowly escalate – and then escalate BIG TIME.

It completely took me aback just how major the situation was and I was gobsmacked. It manages to be really hard hitting and absolutely beautifully written at the same time.

4. Picnic On A Rainy Day: A Sad Book

Malice has been one of my favourite reads so far this year, and will go on to be one of my favourite books of all time with ease. However, it is painfully sad, in the most heartbreaking, reduces you to tears kind of way. I can’t wait for the second part to the duology, and it’s such a sad book that I think even my ribs are crossed for a happy ending. God knows Alyce deserves it.

5. Sand: A Book That Irritated You


I could kind of just stop there.

I loved the rest of the series so much, but this book made me rage to the point that I didn’t even finish it. All the comments about how his penis was so big she didn’t know if it would fit in her body? Christ alive. It was just crude. I’ve got no problem with smut, but I have got a problem with badly written books. Especially when they ruin my favourite series.

6. Summer Blockbuster: Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation

I absolutely loved The Hunger Games trilogy of books, and loved the four films just as much. I think they captured Katniss as a character really well, and small moments like Peeta trying to get them out of the second games were brilliantly done in the films. They cover that bracket between ‘guilty pleasure’ films and ‘stunning blockbusters’.

7. Dropped Ice Cream: A Book You Were Anticipating That Wasn’t Good

I read Kingdom of the Wicked last year and it was a book that really let me down. I had high expectations for it, and it was such a shame. I appear to be in the minority when it comes to reviews though, as most people absolutely loved it. Personally though, I’m won’t be in a rush to read any more in this series again.

8. Palm Tree: A Large Book That You Loved

This 800+ page chonky boi was probably my favourite book of last year, and I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel next yearl. Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood was my first SJM book too, and started my adventures into the world of fantasy properly. I’ll always be pleased I read it for that alone.

9. Bonfire: A Book You Want to Burn

This book made me beyond angry. I very rarely write negative reviews here on my blog, but I had to write about The Island because of how damaging the message was that was being sent out by it about mental illnesses, and PTSD in particular. In the book, a character with undiagnosed PTSD hallucinates other people’s fears repeatedly, takes his own girlfriend captive to ‘protect’ her, and then threatens another of the group with a knife until he is talked down and ‘reassured’ he’s just sick. It’s one of the most attrocious representations of mental illness I’ve ever encountered, and it still makes me angry months later.

10. Fireworks: A Book That Exploded Into the Scene

The Wolf and The Woodsman has been one of my favourite reads this year – and I’m far from alone. It has absolutely exploded onto the scene, taking the charts by storm, and making reader after reader fall in love with the story full of magic and myth that Ava Reid has created. It’s utter brilliance, and I loved every single word of it. It will always be one of those books I recommend to people.


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