WWW Wednesday – 14th July 2021

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Somehow it’s a Wednesday again, so it’s time for WWW Wednesday!

This week I’ve managed a bit more reading with it being cloudy for a few days where I live, and I’m really pleased to been able to get lost in books in all the possible ways I love to, between my headphone, a physical book and my Kindle. It’s lovely, it really is, and it’s absolutely reminding me to never take it for granted again. I don’t think I generally do but I certainly never will in the future. Every time I’ve held a book in my hands recently, it’s like reminding me of my love for them again, and even just at times when I’ve felt well enough to listen to my audiobook, it’s been like listening to an old friend.

WWW Wednesday is a great and simple way of looking at you recent reading habits:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

What have you recently finished reading?
In the early hours of this morning, I was having a burst of insomnia, so finished off my audiobook of A Gathering Midnight. This was the sequel to Midnight’s Twins, and even though it was only released recently, I’m now very much looking forward to the third and final installment, whenever it arrives in the bookish world! The characters have really grown and developed from the start of book one, and I’ve fallen more in love with the way this world works.

What are you currently reading?
I’ve got a few books on the go at once, of course! I’m listening to For The Wolf which is absolutely spectacular and I’m completely lost in. It’s one of those books that is easy to get utterly devoured by, and it’s being read by a brilliant narrator as well.
The physical book of choice right now is The Things We Don’t See, which left Waterstone’s with me on a recent visit. I’m only a few chapters in so far and I’m completely hooked!
As for my ebook, I’m reading an ARC of Mark of the Wicked for a blog tour. Currently I’m undecided how I feel about this book – the main character is certainly a love her or hate her type! – but it’s intriguing to be sure.

What are you planning on reading next?
I need to make a start on City of Heavenly Fire, which I’m buddy reading with Fiona and Ellie for our Shadowhunter Saturdays resuming. I’m really looking forward to picking the series back up after the break we’ve had, and I can’t wait for the conclusion to this chapter of the Shadowhunter books. We’re going into it with a lot of information, but also a lot of questions – not to mention a lot of fear of what Cassandra Clare is capable of!!

Well there we are, that’s this week looked at! I’ll be back every day with more posts, and I hope you’ll be back to join me too.


  1. Great reading, well done! I’m having a mini-holiday here, just at home, a staycation, but I was able to sit out in the sunny garden today with a cup of tea, just like being on a proper holiday, absorbed in my book – it was wonderful! This morning, I finished “The Promise of Summer” by Bella Osborne which was light fiction but really well done, and then read the whole of “My Mess is a bit of a Life” by Georgie Pritchett over and after lunch, and and I’m in the middle of “Black and British” by David Olusoga which is a great big book but very rewarding. Then I have coming up more 20 Books of Summer reads, not sure exactly which ones yet. Happy ongoing reading!


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