WWW Wednesday – 28th July 2021

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my bookish little corner of the internet. It’s Wednesday again, and so it’s time for WWW Wednesday, looking at the recent reading situation I’ve got going on. It seems like forever and no time at all has passed since last week, and I’ve been reading a lot during this strange middle ground of a time.

July, it turns out, is proving to be my most successful reading month so far this year, which I really did not see coming, what with the sun making more of an appearance lately. But having mostly stayed inside with the curtains closed, I’ve devoured as many books as I can. Audiobooks also have a lot to answer for, and I’m so grateful for them even existing, allowing me to get so much reading done. In an ideal world, I’d have physical / ebook copies and audio copies of every book, allowing me to switch in between them whenever I needed to, but alas, I have a bank balance that disagrees with this proposal.

WWW Wednesday is a great way of looking at recent reading habits with three simple questions:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

What have you recently finished reading?
Late last night I finished reading The Madness Underneath, the second book in the Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson. I loved her Truly Devious series, so a friend suggested these books of hers too. I must say I’m not enjoying them as much, but they’re still providing a mystery to solve, this time with a paranormal twist to it. I’ll read the last one in the series, but I don’t know whether they’ll be books I recommend as highly as Truly Devious.

What are you currently reading?
Right now I’ve got a few books on the go, as per normal. I’m still going with The Women of Troy which is an ARC via NetGalley, and I’m absolutely loving every moment of it. It’s skillful, painful and beautiful all at once.
The physical book on the go is currently A Universe of Wishes. Part of the We Need Diverse Books movement, it contains stories with a wonderful assortment of authors who have each created a fantastic world to get lost in briefly. There’s been several so far I’ve wished were full length!
As for my audiobook, I’m listening to They’ll Never Catch Us. I pre-ordered this book and completely forgot I had, so it was a wonderful surprise to see it pop up in my Audible library. I’ve only just started it, but so far I’m absolutely in love with this YA thriller.

What are you planning on reading next?
This really depends on what I finish first! I’ve got a big pile of ARCs to make my way through, some physical and some ebooks, and I’m keen to dig in to so many of them. August is packed full of blog tours for me, so I need to make a start on those in particular. I’ve got some of my books picked out for my August TBR so I’m almost just squeezing what books I can into these last days so I start the next month afresh. It’s a weird quirk of mine, but I do prefer to finish and start the month like that.

So there we are, the last Wednesday of July wrapped up! Tomorrow I’m sharing an interview with of Good Girls Die First and It’s Behind You, Kathryn Foxfield, so be sure to click back in for that! Happy reading.


  1. A great mixture of books. And I’m the same, I like to end the month tidily – the year even more so, and I don’t (really) mind reviews carrying over but I hate reviewing a book in the next year, which clogs my blog up a bit in December!

    I’m currently finishing What White People Can Do Next by Emma Dabiri (so powerful and provocative) and reading What Are We Doing About Zoya by Anisha Bhatia, a fun novel set in India and maybe New York but I haven’t got to that bit yet. I have Afua Hirsch’s Brit(ish) and my next Maya Angelou up next. I’ve done a lot of non-fiction in the last two months so looking forward to a fiction-filled August …

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