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Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m bringing you my answers to the Zodiac Sign Book Tag, which I was tagged in by the lovely Kerri. Now I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the Zodiac, but I’m always game for a bit of fun, and I do find it fun looking at the characteristics of the different signs, especially when it applies to me or people I know.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the creator, Just Dreamland (I’m naming the creator but their blog is no longer active)
  • Link back to the person who tagged you!
  • Answer all the prompts.
  • Use the original graphics and credit the creator (The graphics don’t seem to work anymore soooo *shrug*)
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers and provide links to their blogs.
  • Name your Zodiac sign!
  • Don’t forget to add #ItsAZodiacThing tag.
  • Enjoy!

Well, I’m a Taurus, which, according to a quick Google, means: “Smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, Taurus is the anchor of the Zodiac. Amazing friends, colleagues, and partners, Taureans value honesty above all else and are proud that their personal relationships tend to be drama free. Bulls get the reputation of being stubborn, but they’re not always stuck in their ways.”

The Prompts:

ARIES: A wild and powerful book, compelling from start to finish. Every page intoxicated your heart with incredible imagery.

As soon as I read the brief for this prompt, I immediately thought of Crescent City. It was absolutely magical, powerful beyond belief, and I still think about it so long after. I can’t wait for book two to come out next year, and I’m already looking forward to rereading it in advance of the release.

TAURUS: A heart-wrenching story of a forbidden love that could tear a family apart

I could have picked multiple books for this one – we all know I’m a sucker for an emenies to lovers, come on – but really it has to be Malice. I read this at the beginning of this year and it is still haunting me, how beautiful it is. I can’t wait for part two,

GEMINI: A book that is cheeky, quippy, and witty

My review of Carry On (Simon Snow #1) went up earlier this week, and it was one of the most fun books I’ve ever read. I’m reading the whole series to celebrate the publication of Any Way the Wind Blows, the third and final book.

CANCER:A bittersweet book that spoke to your sensitive heart

Ariadne is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read, but it absolutely, certainly, broke my heart into shards. It’s one I’ve been recommending to everyone since but with tissue warnings!

LEO: A book with drama, love, fancy wear, and hope

I could have picked any single one of the original trilogy for fancy wear, but I immediately thought of how Feyre dresses for the High Lord’s meeting in A Court of Wings and Ruin.

VIRGO:A tender story of self-love, self-determination, self-discovery, perseverance, romance, friendship, and family

Cinderella Is Dead fits this description perfectly. Utterly wonderful, purely magical, and sheer brilliance.

LIBRA: A book that has a remarkably refreshing and frank outlook on life. One of the realest books you’ve ever read.

Although Clockwork Princess is a book about fantasy, the way it handles relationships, love, pain, truth, loss, and so many other things makes it one of the most real books I’ve ever read.

SCORPIO: A book with a good plot twist. A book that is psychologically thrilling and emotionally chilling, and haunted you from the first page to the last.

Mirrorland kept me on my toes on every single page. You can read my full review to find out all my mess of thoughts about this highly powered book!

SAGITTARIUS: An adventurous, summer read

Aristotle and Dante starts off with swimming lessons, and results in adventures into self discovery. The perfect read this summer.

CAPRICORN: A book that has everything to do with friendship

The three books in the Cassidy Blake series are all about friendship, especially the last book, Bridge of Souls. The love they have for each other is truly tried and tested in these pages and it was utterly beautiful.

AQUARIUS: A quirky and unique book

Body of Stars is a truly unique book that I’ve never encountered anything like before or since. It’s an incredibly clever book, and I implore everyone to read it.

PISCES: A book that bewitched and enchanted you with its lyrical words, and transmuted your imaginative mind

The Gilded Ones made me feel every emotion under the sun, allowing my creative mind to implode and explode all at once, and utterly destroying me multiple times. I need the sequel immediate; it already feels too long a wait.

So there we are! This tag took me rather longer to fill in than I anticipated but I’m glad of it, as it really made me think about my answers, and think back also at the books I’ve been reading, what they’ve meant to me, and what I’ve taken from them.

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  1. Lovely post! I’m going to need to do this one myself sometime as I did a Zodiac Book Tag previously but the Zodiac descriptions were all over the place. This one seems much more accurate and I’ve read quite a few new books since then so it’ll be interesting to see what I come up with this time!


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