Five Books With… Multiple POVs

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. It’s been a while since I did a Five Books With… post! We’ve seen posts liks strong female leads, pirates, and unique magic systems, but today it’s all about books with mutilple points of view. There were so many books I could have picked for this as I’ve read so many brilliant books with multiple POVs, but I narrowed it down to five very different books that I think help give an idea of the range of what I read.

Ace of Spades
This young adult thriller has been one of my favourite reads this year. Built on so much more than just a few creepy messages, there’s so much of importance to be taken from it. We hear from two characters alternately, Devon and Chiamaka, who both have secrets to hide. Aces is determined to reveal them – and then destroy the pair entirely. Read my review here.

The Raven Boys
The Raven Boys opens with one of the biggest hooks I’ve seen: a girl seeing a ghost, and being told either he’s her true love… or she will kill him in the next twelve months.
We start off hearing from Blue and Gansey seperately but as soon as they start interacting, the book becomes even more engaging, and that is saying something. This is absolutely a series I’ll be following.

Fun, geeky and perfect as an easy read, Geekerella takes the traditional tale and flips it all around. There’s texting unknown numbers, a step mother devoted to humiliating her unwanted step daughter, a festival of all things geeky, and The Magic Pumpking: a vegan food truck. There’s also a realistic happily ever after. Perfect for readers of all different genres.

Carry On (Simon Snow #1)
The Simon Snow series has got to be up there with some of my favourite fantasy reads, for multiple reasons. It’s a serious enemies to lovers “oh shit THAT’S why I’m obsessed with you” book, all while being hilarious at the same time. Carry On is book one, but is also the last year at the magical school, and sets up to ask the question: what does a Chosen One do when they’ve done their Chosen Duty?

The Appeal
Easily one of my favourite books not just of this year, but of all time, The Appeal is one of the most cleverly constructed books I’ve encountered. Rather than being told via narrative, it’s a collection of email and text exchanges that law students are presented with to try and solve a murder. Throughout, we have to shift through for the clues, and put together the case. It’s absolutely fantastic, and is one I’ll be recommending for years to come.

There are so many books out there that are told from multiple perspectives, and I could have listed a dozen. But these are some of the five I think really got it right. Brilliant in all their own ways, from fantasy to romcom, I hope you’ll find something you’re looking for in this collection. Be sure to stop by for another daily blog post again soon.


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