The Bedtime Book Tag

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m bringing you a fun, short book tag that I came across on a book bloggers group I’m in, and decided to jump on it – because let’s face it, with all my health issues, bedtime is my favourite time.

What book kept you up all night reading?

Erm, every book! I love reading at night, when the world is quiet and the cat is snuggled on my feet. I tend to read a few chapters of a physical book, and then listen to a bit of an audiobook at night, and there are books that keep me up until 3am. Often though, I’ll just keep reading if I’ve got a short amount left, hours or pages wise.

What book made you scared to go to sleep?

The Girls Are Never Gone is one of those that kept me up at night! It was deliciously spooky and every page had me wondering what was coming next. I like to think I don’t spook easily, but this had me creeping around with a light on my phone at night.

Small Town Monsters was another one that was utterly terrifying in that “I’m sure I’m seeing things in the shadows” way, as well as the “is this person trying to convert me to a cult?” way too. It’s a great one to read if you want a psyschological thriller – and are in no rush to get any sleep.

What book almost put you to sleep?

I’ve been really lucky this year in having loved almost every book I’ve read so far (see here for my breakdown of the first 100 books of the year!) in 2021, but last year I read The Starless Sea. I think I’m in the absolute minority of people as everyone seems to love it, but I couldn’t stand it and it made me so bored. I found my mind wandering so many times, and it’s one of the few books I was determined to end up liking – and failed miserably.

What book has you tossing and turning in anticipation of its release?

Ooooh so many books! This month sees the release of Precious Catastrophe, the highly anticipated release of Perfectly Preventable Deaths. I reread this book recently – be sure to watch for my review! – and loved it all over again. I can’t wait to see where the book goes.

Next month, A Shadow in the Ember, a book set in the world of From Blood and Ash, is released, and I’m so excited for it. I’ve got it preordered, and I’m so ready for it to hurt me like all JLA’s books do. And I love it. The FBAA world is a universe I’ve fallen in love with, and I can’t wait for more information to the background of what we already know.

The second book in the Crescent City series, House of Sky and Breath is released in January and I’m really looking forward to it, but also have to admit to being a bit nervous. I didn’t like the latest ACOTAR book as I’ve mentioned just a few times, and I’m really hoping I still love Bryce and Hunt with the slight change in style SJM is writing with.

In March, we see the newest addition to the FBAA world, The War of Two Queens. Again, this is a book I’m waiting very impatiently for but am also slightly nervous about; it’s being told from two points of view this time, and anyone who is up to date in the series will completely understand why that makes me anxious!

Finally in this short list of books off the top of my head from all the books I could list, a sequel to Mina and the Undead has just been announced, due out next September, and I’m THRILLED that we’re going to see more of these characters, and some more vintage 90s happiness. I’m so thrilled for author Amy McCaw, who I interviewed a while ago. You can read that here.

What book has your dream boyfriend / girlfriend?

I’m queer, and attracted to both men and women, and often, it turns out, attracted to both love interests in a series! Useful, as they both tend to be on page a lot. Here’s just a few characters I’d give my number to:

What book world would be your worst nightmare to live in?

As much as I absolutely loved Defy the Night and am already waiting for book two anxiously (the only downside to ARCs being sent is the extra time you have to wait! As always though I’m forever grateful), it’s not a world I’d want to live in as an unskilled, every day person. I can’t wait to see how the universe develops though.

What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?

So many books seem to be designed to grab you on the edge. Which is, of course, exactly what they’re designed to do. I love a good cliffhanger as long as I can be sure the wait until the next book isn’t going to be too long! I’m looking pointedly at the soon to be released War of Two Queens here. However, aside from that particular jolt to the system (The Crown of Gilded Bones), here’s a few others that destroyed me and I loved them for it:

Thanks for joining me on this little adventure down the bookish wormhole! Be sure to stop by for more reviews and other posts daily over here.

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