October 2021 TBR

Okay so, first things first – apologies. Our Internet has been down for 48 hours so I’m typing this rather pitifully on my phone. Still, at least that gives me spell check! Thank duck.

It’s time to look at the next month coming up and what I’m planning on reading during it. With my health having taken a dip over the course of September, I haven’t managed everything I hoped to, but unfortunately that’s the cards. You can only play them.

The Watchers – For one of the first blog tours I’ve got coming up in October, I’m reading this super spooky Irish thriller. I’ve deliberately saved it for until the month changes because I’m looking forward to some truly spooky season reading. And this looks perfect for it.

Jade Fire Gold – Another blog tour read and one I’m REALLY excited for. I’m set to interview the author as well as offer up my top five reasons for reading, which should be a great post when assembled, as long as I’m not still typing on my bloody phone.

Briarheart – Yet another blog tour, and yet another awesome title. Briarheart has been on my radar for a while so I’m really excited to be involved in the blog tour for it. I love twisted fairy tales, so watching this one coming alive is something I’m really keen for.

Empire of the Vampire – NOT FOR A BLOG TOUR! I treated myself to the beautiful hard back edition of this book when it was released, and I’ve been saving it for official spooky season to dig into it. In a world where the sun hasn’t risen for a lifetime, vampires reign….

True Crime Story – Recommended to me after I enjoyed another podcast-style audiobook, True Crime Story is a blend of fact and fiction, exploring the disappearance of a Manchester student several years ago. I’ve only listened to the introduction so far and I’m already drawn in.

Way of the Argosi – I read Spellslinger recently (review upcoming!) and I’m intrigued to read the background to some of the characters we met, and their whole philosophy of living. At the moment I only have a few audiobooks on my October TBR, and this is absolutely one of them.

I’m sorry this post is a bit rushed and a bit scruffy by my usual standards, however, I’m hoping I can make up for that to myself as well as all you lovely readers when my Internet is back up sometime soon. I have plenty of things to write, goodness knows.

Anyway – here’s to the end of September and the beginning of October. May your month be full of coffee, slippers and fluffy blankets, not to mention scary books.


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