September 2021 Wrap Up

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. And of course, happy October! Another month has flown by, and this one has been particularly busy for us as we’ve been preparing to move house. A lot of decisions have had to be made regarding clothes, books, shoes, books, toys, books… you get the picture.

On top of that my health has been on a massive downer, just to make life more fun. It’s been an intense couple of weeks, and some days I’ve just wanted to scream into a pillow. Some days I HAVE just screamed into a pillow. All the while, I’ve had my steady constant of books for support.

September is a difficult month for me emotionally linked into trauma work, AND my son has started a new school, AND we lost our internet for nearly a week…. I honestly don’t know how I’m still functioning actually.

That all very much said, I managed to finish fifteen books this month. I felt I was a bit slower than I could have been had I a) had access to some of these as audio, and b) not needed to sleep the entire month away. Most of them have been pretty good, but I’ve only managed one five star read. But most of them were four stars, so I can’t really complain. Here’s how I got on.

The Girls Are Never Gone – eARC – Interview here & review here
YA Paranormal Thriller – 4 stars

The Hawthorne Legacy (The Inheritance Games #2) – eARC – Review here
YA Mystery – 4 stars

The Woods Are Always Watching – Paperback
YA Horror – 3 stars

Breaking the Lore – Audio ARC
Crime Fantasy – 3 stars

The Guinevere Deception – Audio – Review here
Historical Fantasy – 5 stars

Baby Teeth – ARC – Blog Tour post here
Novel In Verse – 4 stars

The Last True Poets of the Sea – Audio
Contemporary Fiction – 4 stars

Small Town Monsters – eARC – Review here
YA Horror – 4 stars

Perfectly Preventable Deaths – Audio – Review here
YA Supernatural Thriller – 4 stars

Paradise On Fire – eARC – Review here
YA Contemporary – 3 stars

Six Stories – Audio
Crime Fiction – 4 stars

The Near Witch – Audio
Historical Fantasy – 4 stars

Lakesedge – eARC – Interview with author here
Dark Fantasy – 4 stars

Spellslinger – Audio
Fantasy – 4 stars

A Study in Charlotte – Paperback
Crime Fiction – 4 stars

Although I gave them both four stars, I was very close to giving Lakesedge and A Study in Charlotte five stars, so they get a special mention for being so brilliant in so many different ways! They’re very different, but both utterly brilliant, and I can’t wait to share my reviews of both of them with you in the coming days.

I’d love for you to let me know what you’re reading at the moment in the comments, or maybe give me some recommendations based on what I’ve been reading, and what I’ve got planned in my October TBR too.

Thanks for stopping by to my little corner, and I hope you all have a lovely October!

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