90’s Music Edition Book Tag

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today it’s time to fly back in time to the 90’s for a music themed book tag. I took these prompts from W&S Book Club, and if nothing else it prompted me to play some good 90’s songs, very loudly, much to the horror of my son. Apparently, I am not “cool“. Shock, I never was. So THERE.

Here we go!

What’s My Age Again- Blink 182:

At what age did you discover your love of reading?
I’ve been reading since I can remember. My parents still have a set of books we collected as they were released with different letters of the alphabet. I’ve always had a book in my hand, and I can’t really remember a time when I haven’t! The books themselves have just slowly got more grown up as I have, I suppose. My parents seem not to remember a time when I haven’t had a book in my hands, even when I was tiny, and there certainly won’t be a time without moving forwards!

All Star- Smash Mouth:

What is your favorite genre?
Hmmm. This is a really tough question (and an absolutely awesome song!). I read a lot of young adult books, because with my PTSD to consider, they tend to be safer in some ways; there still are triggers in them sometimes but they don’t tend to be that intense.
In the last year I’ve discovered how much I’ve loved reading fantasy, and I do have a weakness for a good murder mystery; The Appeal is one of my top reads of the year, along with the From Blood and Ash series. I also love a good creepy book, whether it’s supernaturally scary or a realistic thriller. I think, strangely, this is also to do with my PTSD: I scare myself in safe ways. I read an article from someone saying they did the same with films a while ago and it had me nodding along like that old nodding dog advert.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something:

What’s your go-to reading snack/drink?
It depends where I am. If I’m at home, I’ll drink tea, because I’m a self confessed tea snob. I drink loose leaf tea, and my favourite is a white tea with coconut, jasmine and cinnamon that I absolutely adore. It’s only avalible twice a year, so I stock up when it appears!!
If I’m out, I’ll drink coffee. That’s not to say I don’t drink coffee at home, I do. But because of my tea snobbery, I’m easier to please with coffee out and about. I tend to go to chain stores because of wheelchair access, so you’ll find me drinking either a caramel macchiato in Starbucks or a vanilla latte anywhere else, normally with oat milk for an extra creamy texture.

Give It Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers:

What book do you ALWAYS recommend to people?
ARGH! I don’t know. I recommend a lot of books and often say to people that if you buy me a coffee, I’ll give personalised recommendations to help with buying birthday presents or just to treat yourself. It makes me feel productive!
This year there’s been a lot of books I’ve wanted to recommend to everyone, but seeing as this is 90’s themed, let’s stick with that. Mina and the Undead is a fabulous bolt of supernatural nostalgia, and author Amy McCaw, who I interviewed here, has recently revealed that the sequel will be with us next September! This brilliant book is now in its third print run, and you are missing out on something really special if you don’t give this one a go.

…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears:

A book or series you have read more than once?
Because of the amount of books I have to read, both for pleasure and for deadlines, I don’t get to reread as often as I might otherwise do so these days. However, last year I read A Court of Thorns and Roses multiple times before getting my tattoo in the September, and this year I’ve read From Blood and Ash twice. If I can, I’ll reread it before the next book comes out so I can go straight through the series onto the latest book, but all that will depend on how much time I have around then.
I’m also sure that I’ll end up reading Crescent City again before book two comes out next year, and while that may only be a two book series including the new one, I’m already looking forward to getting lost in it again.

Tearin’ Up My Heart – N’Sync:

A book that broke your heart to finish?
So many. Ariadne and Malice were genuinely heartbreaking to finish, utterly devestating me into a melted puddle of book depression in the best ways. I’ve recommended those to people so much since reading them, and I can’t wait for the sequel of Malice next year.
Then there’s books that were good to finish but awful to do so at the same time because they were so good. Just off the top of my head, books like It’s Behind You, the Truly Devious series, Clockwork Princess, and more recently, The Appeal, have all left an impact on me where I’ve wanted the book to just keep going. I’m lucky to have an ARC of The Twyford Code, due out next year, and I’m already excited for it.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana:

A book that you read as a teen that you still love today?
I first read Les Miserables when I was in secondary school; I carried around that big chunky book for WEEKS as I made my way through it. It remains one of the best things I’ve ever read, and will always be one of my favourite books. Equally I read The Handmaid’s Tale for the first time in my teens, and it was revolutionary. That’s a book that has only grown in the power it has, and will forever be one I’m drawn back to.

Hurt- Nine Inch Nails:

What book do you love that deals with heavier subjects?
Reading a lot of young adult books, I see a lot of books that are tackling the heavier topics out there. Young adult literature is a great way of getting messages across to young people, but doesn’t stop them from having an impact on adults too.
As I’ve mentioned above, I love a good murder mystery, although I’m always far more focused on the mystery itself – as is the nature of reading such books I suppose. Tackling messages like consent, and the ability to consent, is a theme I’m seeing come up more and more in YA books, and these are messages I could have done with in my teens. Some of the best I’ve seen handle is are the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series, and A Study in Charlotte where Charlotte tells Jamie in a tender, breaking, oh so familiar way, that she can’t stand to be touched at all since her assult. This book hit a lot of nails for me, especially in the representation of trauma. Sometimes books are so focused on using assault or abuse as a plot point that they forget that those of us who have been through it have a life after.
Defy the Night seemed especially poignant in the wake of Covid 19. We’ve all been impacted by it in so many ways, and it was easy to see how, without modern knowledge and everything we have to help us, things like the rebellions we see in the book could start. And of course, there’s always those who wish to profit off of grief, loss, and chaos. I saw a lot of cross overs in that book, whether intentional or not, that certainly hit harder than they would have three years ago.

Well there we go, a trip through 90’s music via books. Maybe that’s the best way to do it? My son still insists we’re not cool… They’ll never understand listening to a CD player. In fact, I doubt they’ll even understand MP3 players; I bought him one for his birthday last year and it’s still in the wrapping!


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  • And anyone else who wants to relive this music!


  1. Ha – love the categories and enjoyed your interesting answers! I’m impressed you read Les Mis as a teen although my reading diary for the summer before I went to university impresses and terrifies me now!


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