WWW Wednesday – 24th November 2021

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. You might have seen that yesterday I branched out into the world of Top Ten Tuesday for the first time, and today it’s time to return to my Wednesday staple of WWW Wednesday. Last week I shared a little bit about the circumstances we’ve been dealing with, and sadly nothing has changed. Life is really over powering at the moment, and so I haven’t been managing as much reading as I would have liked to, but here’s where I’m at.

WWW Wednesday is about looking at your recent reading habits with three simple questions:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

What have you recently finished reading?
My most recent finished book was Charmcaster, the third book in the Spellslinger series. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Kellen and the cast of characters in these books. Where the first book set up the universe, book two gave us an insight to Kellen’s changed world, and book three is a darker, more twisted tale, and it is all the better for it. I’m so keen to read book four immediately but am holding off so I have other reviews to share!

What are you currently reading?
As always, I have multiple books on the go; if you’ve been around for any week at all here, you will not be surprised to hear that!
I have two audiobooks going right now. The Plot is a thriller based around the literary world with a book at its heart, and I’m finding it an interesting read. I’m not sure I’m completely in love with it, but I will finish it because I need to know what is happening.
The second is Lirael, the second book in the Abhorsen series, and sequel to Sabriel. I’ve had people tell me it’s their favourite in the series so I’m saving it for moments where I can give it my full attention.
Finally, my physical book is The Last Girl, known in some countries as The Mary Shelley Club. I’m two thirds of the way through this book, which is becoming more and more uncomfortable in the best way. I love YA thrillers, and this one really is thrilling.

What are you planning on reading next?
I’m on a blog tour for Killer Content next week, so I’m going to start that one today. I’ve also got two blog tours the following week, which I’ll be making a start on when I’ve finished Killer Content.
As for my audiobook selection, I’m not sure whether I’m turning next. Part of me is tempted to make a start with some festive reads, and the cynical side of me isn’t feeling very festive this year! We’ll see. I’ve got an hour left of The Plot, and then I’ll have to make a decision. <dramatic music plays>

So there we are, another week, another Wednesday. The last Wednesday of the month in fact! So, I suppose I’ll see you in December, on the other side….

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  1. I’m so sorry your situation is unchanged, I am thinking of you and willing the powers that be to sort this out for you.

    Regarding reading, I have just finished Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” which showed me there’s always something left to learn even if you’ve read a lot of books on a topic, and I am reading at the moment Sven Lindqvist’s horrific “Terra Nullis” about the abysmal treatment of Native Australians, and Annie Nightingale’s “Hey Hi Hello” about her 50 years as a radio DJ which is quite long and detailed!


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