WWW Wednesday – 1st December 2021

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. It’s Wednesday again, and it’s the first day of December, taking us towards Christmas, and towards the end of what has been a pretty rubbish year in many respects. Many respects, but not all, because book wise, it’s been great.

With this being the first day of the last month, I can look back over the rest of the year and make a pretty good estimate at where my “books read” number will end up being, and it’s looking to be 50% higher than my original goal, which stuns and thrills me. I’m so pleased to have managed to read so many books this year, and I’m already feeling competitive with myself for next year’s total… I’ve only got myself to blame.

However, despite all of this, it’s still a WWW Wednesday, so some things remain the same.

WWW Wednesday is a way of looking at your recent reading habits by asking three simple questions:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

What have you recently finished reading?
Yesterday in a burst of energy, I finished off two books. I say “burst of energy”, when it was more “I’ve had a nightmare and can’t get back to sleep” with the physical book, and then “this is nice in the background” while I crocheted later in the day. So I managed to finish off my paperback of The Last Girl (perfect reading at 5am with a storm blowing), and then my audiobook of Midnight in Everwood too. I’m really pleased I managed to round the month off neatly, and they were great books to finish with.

What are you currently reading?
I started reading The Christmas Murder Game yesterday evening but unfortunately found that one of the lead characters was pregnant (sorry if that’s a spoiler, I mean as a warning) and because of my recent miscarriage, I couldn’t continue reading it. It was just too close to the mark.
Instead, I picked up The Winter Garden which was on my December TBR anyway. I’m not very far into it yet, but I’m really loving the elegant writing style, and the strength of the lead character. It’s enchanting and whimsical but at the same time, really packs a punch.

What are you planning on reading next?
Next on my reading list is A Will To Kill. It releases tomorrow, and my spot for the blog tour is a week today. I’m really looking forward to this twisty, turny sounding mystery, set against a backdrop of a spooky manor in the mountains. Perfect.
As for my audiobook, I think I’ll got for Murder For Christmas. I’m not going to devote the whole of December to reading Christmas themed books, but I am trying to almost seduce myself into feeling festive this year with them!

So there you have it. Another week, another Wednesday, another month! Let’s see how the upcoming weeks play out; I refuse to wish any of you a Merry Christmas just yet.

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  1. Well done on reading so many books; I’ve had a good reading year, too. I’m currently sneezing because I’ve been in the dusty paperbacks picking out my challenge for 2022. I managed to finish the month tidily, too (hooray – hope I can do that this month) and have started two today: I’m reading Tristan Gooley’s “How to Read Water”, which is about different forms of water, their clues and patterns, and Janet Pywell’s “Someone Else’s Dream”, which is a novel about a woman who ends up running the cafe that was her ex-girlfriend’s dream and having lovely support from her community.


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