Book Review – T.I.G.E.R.S (S.T.A.G.S #4)

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m bringing you my review of T.I.G.E.R.S, the fourth book in the S.T.A.G.S series. I genuinely thought I had already reviewed this book, but apparently either I haven’t, or it has disappeared into the realms of the internet.

Before I share the synopsis, here’s the links to my previous reviews:
S.T.A.G.S (#1)
D.O.G.S (#2)
F.O.X.E.S (#3)

The alluring yet corrupt STAGS society, where the rich and privileged play fast and loose with the lives of others, is revealed to be terrifyingly global …
Shafeen’s father, Prince Aadhish, has had a heart attack and is close to death. Desperately worried, Shafeen and Greer race from STAGS to Rajasthan. But Prince Aadhish is in a coma and unresponsive and they begin to realise that the Prince received a terrible shock, triggered by a decades-old guilty secret. But as Shafeen and Greer attempt to unlock the secret, they come to believe the answer lies with the de Warlencourt ancestor Colonel Montgomery, founder of the T.I.G.E.R. shooting club, which horrifyingly pursued low-caste Indians instead of tigers. It appears that ‘Monty’ brought the Order of the Stag to India, and the hunts may still be going on…

A thrilling next instalment in the STAGS series.

Way back when I first finished this at the beginning of November, I said that it was my favourite of the series so far, and that is my overriding feeling still now, a couple of weeks down the line. I love this series, and every book has done something special – this one, however, did more than one somethings!

With the end of F.O.X.E.S, we saw a twist in the game, and things became even more precarious for Greer than they already were. Before they could even fully process everything that has happened however, Shafeen and Greer are on flights to see his dad urgently. With him unresponsive, they have to put the pieces of the puzzle together themselves… and end up with more answers than they would have had otherwise.

It’s difficult to talk about this book without spoiling it because I really do want to just go into a complete book breakdown of it, however what I can say – as it is NOT a spoiler – is that when I listened to the audiobook, I already knew it was going to be different as it was listed as having two narrators. The direction it went in wasn’t one I could have predicted, but I think it was utter perfection.

Add all of that to the last couple of twists this book had in store, and honestly, it goes down as one of my favourite YA thrillers, and as we all know – I’ve read a few.

It was left in a way that finished off the book well, but also left it open for a next book, and I really hope there is one. I could keep going with this series with no end date in sight.

So there we are. Thanks for joining me on this adventure via India, and be sure to keep an eye out for this series if you haven’t already; you really won’t regret it!


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