Top 20 Books of 2021

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the inertent. Now 2021 has finished, it’s time to write up my top books of the year. I’ve already shared my December Wrap Up – which ended up being a hugely successful month all things considered! – but now, after lots of careful consideration and way too much debating with myself, I’m here with my top twenty books. I fully respect people who are able to pick ten books, because frankly, I just couldn’t. I’m impressed I managed to pick just twenty.

While 2021 was a rough year in so many ways for me, it was a stunning year for reading. I ended up finishing a grand total of books, and loved nearly everything I read. Part of this is because there were just some brilliant books released, and part of it is that I got stricter with ditching books I wasn’t enjoying. It was one of the decisions I made early in the year that, with my vision leaving me more and more swiftly, I wanted to enjoy every book I read, and while I knew I’d enjoy some less than others, I still wanted to love what I was reading. So now I don’t finish books I don’t love. I give books a maximum of 10% to see if they grab me. I give them a fair chance, I think. One of the things I’m going to make sure I do this year is keep a record of books I start and DNF so that I don’t buy the same book twice, and find I dislike it. Twice. Yes, this has happened.

So, let’s get back to it. Here is, in no particular order, my top twenty books of 2021. With two of these, I have counted a whole series, as I’ve read all the avalible books as of 2021.

So there we have it! As it stands, I’ve already read some brilliant books in 2022. I wonder whether any of them will make it onto the top reads of 2022 list this time next year…


  1. Lovely to read your list! Having spoken to you about Outlander before I’m now wondering if you have tried reading (or listening to) any Diana Gabaldon. Not new or fancy but maybe one for the 2022 or 2023 list! Xx


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