NetGalley TBR – February 2022

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing with you my NetGalley TBR. All my thanks as always to the wonderful authors and publishers who make access to these possible.

Currently my feedback ratio is at 84% which I’m pretty happy with, all things considered, and I’ve left 202 reviews.

So here’s how my NetGalley TBR currently looks, by month.


The Hemlock Cure – Joanne Burn
10th February

Rock Paper Killers – Alexia Mason
17th February

Only A Monster – Vanessa Len
17th February

A Lesson in Vengeance – Victoria Lee
22nd February


A Night To Die For – Lisa Schroeder
1st March

The Atlas Six – Olivie Blake
3rd March

Nine Lives – Peter Swanson
3rd March

Sundial – Catriona Ward
10th March

A Far Wilder Magic – Allison Saft
17th March

A Spoonful of Murder – J.M. Hall
17th March

Anything But Fine – Tobias Madden
29th March

Wild and Wicked Things – Francesca May
31st March


Saint Death’s Daughter – C. S. E. Cooney
12th April

Blood to Poison – Mary Watson
14th April

The Bangalore Detectives Club – Harini Nagendra
28th April

The Birdcage – Eve Chase
28th April

Elektra – Jennifer Saint
28th April


Hotel Magnifique – Emily J. Taylor
5th May

The Dance Tree – Kiran Millwood Hargrave
12th May

The Murder Rule – Dervla McTiernan
12th May

There really are some amazing titles on this list. Where I’ve been too poorly to read over the last week, and finding the spirit to manage a little bit again, I’m really wanting to dive into each of these books right now! I really can’t wait to work my way through them. Some I’ve already started, so keep an eye out for upcoming reviews.

Stay safe!


  1. 84% is great! I’m hovering between 81% and 82%, it gets harder to go up the more you request and read of course, doesn’t it. Hope you enjoy those exciting reads.


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